Defunct Airlines In Nigeria.

Nigeria had a lot of airlines operating in the 1900s but today most of them are defunct. Here is a list of defunct Nigeria airlines. ADC Airlines Afrijet Airlines Air Atlantic Cargo Air Nigeria Albarka Air AL-AIR Al-Dawood Air Amako Air Amed Air Ar… Read more

The Graveyard Of Nigeria's Dead Airplanes

Nigerian airports have become an eyesore as both functional and grounded airlines have turned them into graveyards for dead aircraft.  For a first time visitor to Nigeria’s airports in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja or Kano, they look like graveyards for dead airplanes!… Read more

How To Freeze Bananas

Instead of throwing away plantains when they are overripe and start to rot, an easy way to preserve them for about 5 months is by freezing them. Advantages Of Freezing Bananas Freezing does not reduce the nutritional value of bananas. It allows you to consum… Read more

How To Know When A Plantain Is Ripe

A plantain and a banana are quite similar but do not ripen exactly the same way. When a plantain becomes ripe, it still has a high content of indigestible starches and should be cooked. However, as a banana ripens, its starches turn into sugars and can be eaten ra… Read more