Mobile internet is almost indispensable in this age as our addiction to our phones is on the rise on a daily basis. To enjoy certain features on our phone, we need mobile data which in turn costs money. Data costs around the world varies but in this article, we present to you the top 15 countries with the cheapest costs for one Gigabyte of data according to the research done by
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Mobile data

1. India

The world's second most populous country in the world tops this list with the average cost of mobile internet to be $0.26. This sounds like a scam but it's 100% true

2. Russia

The largest country in the world comes second with an average of $0.91

3. Italy

The average cost of data is $1.73

4. Nigeria

This is the only African country to make this this list and in Nigeria data costs about $2.22 averagely.

5. Australia

In Australia, data is around $2.47

6. France

The average cost is $2.99

7. Brazil

In Brazil, mobile data costs $3.50 on the average.

8. Spain

If you were to move to Spain, you will spend $3.79 on data averagely.

9. United Kingdom

Data costs on the average is $6.66

10. Germany

Data cost is $6.96

11.  China

On the average, one GB of data in China is $9.89

12.  Canada

If you were living in Canada, you'll spend $12.02 to buy one GB of data

13. United States

Data cost is $12.37

14. South Korea

Mobile Data is about $15.12 dollars.

15. Switzerland

This is the last country on list with a cost of $20.22

Below is an Infographic from Statista

Cost of mobile data around the world