6 Simple Tips to Help You Remember the Names of New People

6 Simple Tips to Help You Remember the Names of New People

Forgetting the name of a new person can be quite embarrassing. It is even worse when they remember yours and are really excited seeing you again. I have been in this situation a few times and I felt really bad but by employing these tips (that I am about to share with you), I started to remember the names of new people better.

So let's get started!

Tips to remember names

1. Be genuinely interested in them

When you are really interested in someone new, you will find it easier to remember even the little details about them including their name and how they pronounce their words with an accent. Cultivating a real interest in people you meet is a very simple tip that will assist you in remembering their names.

2. Make associations using their name

Making associations with the name of someone you are just meeting for the first time will help their name stick in your head. It does not really have to be some genius type of association. It could even be quite lame, who cares?

For example if you meet a guy named Moses, you could say something like "Oh, so you're that guy who split the Red sea, wow". It's that simple!

If their name is Sarah, you could try something like "so you gave birth to laughter, I'm sure you have a pretty smile". Be free to say anything that comes to your mind. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just be sure that it makes some sense so you can explain it to them in case they do not get it.

Also instead of doing this, you could tell them a short story about a namesake of theirs that you know. Let's say her name is Victoria, you could say "I have a friend who's also named Victoria, she's shy but she's like the nicest human I know".

Another thing to take note of is that you always have to make associations verbally all the time; it can just be in your head instead. The goal which is to remember that name would still be achieved regardless.

Making associations will definitely help you remember the names of new people.

3. Ask for the meaning of their name

When you know the meaning of a name, it increases the chances of it sticking in your head. I am quite curious by nature so I ask a lot of people what their name means. When they tell me, I am less likely to forget it. I think this tip works great, so feel free to try it and see if it helps you.

4. Type it in your phone or write it down

The faintest pen is sharper than the sharpest brain. When you pen down their somewhere, it could be a diary or even your phone's note app so even when you forget, you'll definitely remember when you take a quick look.

5. Say their name out loud

When you say a person's name out loud, it help to consolidate their name in your memory. A good time to employ this technique is while you are still talking to that individual. You can just mention their name maybe once or twice in the conversation when you don't really need to.

They won't know why you did that and will make you seem more attentive and interested and really, you should be!

6. Just ask if you forget

If after employing these techniques and you still forget someone's name, just ask them the next time you see them or ask someone who you think may know them. Sure, they may feel quite sad or disappointed that you don't remember it but it is way better to ask as soon as possible than to leave it for later. The longer you take, the more awkward it will become. So just ask by saying something like "I'm really sorry but I have forgotten your name, could you remind me again?" and that solves it. Just make sure you don't forget after they remind you.

I hope you found these tips helpful. If you did, please share this article with your friends and family. Do you have any other tips that help you remember names? Kindly share them below in the comments box, I would love to learn from you!

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