9 Important Things To Focus Your Energy On As A Young Person

9 Important Things To Focus Your Energy On As A Young Person

Money is described as a medium of exchange. Despite this, there are things that money can’t buy like good health, longevity, love and most importantly your time and energy!

If you are still young and vibrant, here is a list of things you should focus your energy on while you still have it. Focus on these things to maximize your chances of success.

Let’s dive straight in.


1. Your Health

As a young person, the choices you make concerning your health can make you smile or sadly haunt you in your older years. This makes eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle a standard for you.

Say no to excessive alcohol, junk food. Stay away from drugs, they’ll do you only harm. Begin to do a bit of exercises, it may seem to hurt at first but the proceeding rewards will make up for that.

In all you do, just remember that once good health is lost, getting it back is almost impossible.


2. Your Wealth

You’re probably not rich if you are young and do not come from a wealthy home. It’s easy to get distracted by frivolities and become unconcerned about this. Stop blaming your parents or anybody for the family you were born into. There’s absolutely nothing you can do to change that ever.

But you do have a choice, you can work on building your wealth even from a young age. Don’t procrastinate or think you are way too young to begin. Get to work!

Educate yourself financially. Financial Ignorance is a miserable condition to suffer from. Read books on finance and personal money matters like ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. Don’t shy away from learning how money works. Why should you even do that when money exerts such a colossal influence on lives, families, the society and the world in general?

The earlier you start learning about how money works, the better for you.


3.  Your Family

It’s quite unfortunate that many young people continue to distance themselves from their families. You may not totally like the way it is but that’s no reason to abandon them. Whether you like it or not, they are your family.

One thing that may lead to people despising their family is the perceived ‘coolness’ of their friends (family). Most times, your family will want the best for you. At least try to make it work, focus your energy on your family. Don’t go about burning bridges.

It is true that some friends stick better than brothers but the question is, are you sure you’ve found such friends yet?


4. Your Posture

If you’re reading this, the first I want you to do is straighten up. If you are already in a correct posture, you are awesome!

The way we carry ourselves says a lot about us. Other people make assumptions and decisions about us subconsciously based on our posture. A poor or slouching posture can give the wrong impression about you. It can make others see you as timid or unattractive. Yes, a bad posture can make you unattractive.

Focus your energy on your posture. Anytime you see yourself taking a bad posture, be quick to correct yourself and that’s the essence of self-development. Working hard every day to become better than who you were yesterday!


5. Your Purpose

Your purpose is the reason why you are on this planet Earth. It is only the right thing to start focusing on your purpose as early as purpose. If not, why then are you on Earth?

Sit down and discover your purpose and start working on actualizing them as soon as possible.

A life without a purpose is not a life you want to live. It is purpose that gives life a meaning. Direct your energy into discovering your purpose while you are still young. The earlier you do, the easier it becomes to work them out.


6. Your Principles

Principles are fundamental or guiding beliefs that are responsible for the decisions and actions we take. A man may hold honesty dear to heart while another person may attach little to no importance to it.

Some of the principles we hold are naturally ingrained in us just like instincts while the others are acquired or formed.

As young people, we should place our principles and values on scrutiny and continue to add good principles while weeding out the bad ones.

Like we know now that the principles we hold are very important to our lives and how far we go, it is worth that we channel our energy to our principles.


7. Your Strategies

A strategy is use of advance planning to succeed or to accomplish a set out goal. As we age, the more the decisions and responsibilities we face increase.

Having no strategy is like a person going to a war with an enemy without having weapons. You don’t need to be an army commander to know that his chances of survival are limited.

Knowing the strategies that work for you is key. When you face a problem and your strategy doesn’t seem to work, you should change it. You will keep getting the same results if you keep applying the same strategy after failing!

8. Your Confidence

Confidence is something everyone ought to work on. Admitted, some people are naturally more confident than others who may tend towards shyness. Still, confidence is a useful skill and working on it is paramount.

How do you get confident?

  • Start by admitting you are not yet where you want to be. Be open to learning
  • Associate with that confident friend
  • Draw confidence from your talent or that thing you're good at
  • Watch videos and read articles on getting more confident
  • Put yourself out there. Start applying what you have read or watched on confidence to real life.

 You see someone you want to talk to or approach? Do it! The worst thing that can ever happen is it would be ackward. But here is the catch, the next time you will be better than the last.

9. God

To be truly successful, the God factor is important. God loves and cares for us. He gives peace, happiness with no sorrow added. 'Seek Him in your youth while ye may find him'.

A life without God is filled with struggles and worries. A man with God is not a minority but a majority!

Working on these nine things is setting up yourself for success. Working on every thing at once may not be feasible. It's okay to pick two or three at first before proceeding to the rest.

What are your thoughts on this post? What did I miss out? Let's discuss in the comments and please share this post with the share buttons below if you found it useful.

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