3 Tips for Leaving a Job Without Ruining Your Relationship with Your Boss

3 Tips for Leaving a Job Without Ruining Your Relationship with Your Boss

According to experts, there are a lot of great reasons to quit a job. Perhaps you're moving across the country, or maybe you found a similar position elsewhere that pays twice as much as your current role. If you have a great relationship with your boss (or even a neutral one), it's a good idea to leave without burning bridges. Learn more about how to quit, when to tell your employer, and how to conduct the process with respect for yourself and your former boss.

Tips for Leaving a Job Without Ruining Your Relationship with Your Boss

3 Tips for Quitting With Decorum

It doesn't matter if you're best friends with your boss or you can't stand your immediate supervisor — quitting the right way is all about maintaining the professional reputation you've built and not ruining your future by doing something hasty or emotional. Consider the following three tips when you're sorting out when and how to leave your job.

1. Tell Your Boss Way Ahead of Your Last Day

Asking for two weeks' notice is typical for United States employers. Go the extra mile and let your employers know that you value their time by giving them a month's notice or more so that they can find and train your replacement. You may not want to let your supervisors know that you're leaving many months ahead of time if your relationship with them is rocky, though. Knowing that you are leaving may foster coworkers' resentment and prompt supervisors to give important tasks to others.

2. Write a Formal Letter of Resignation

Email is convenient, but nothing says formality like a typed and hand-signed letter of resignation. Even if you initially tell your employer in person or through email, deliver this letter two weeks to a month before you're leaving to finalize your decision. Having a formal letter on file can help your human resources department (if there is one) process your paperwork and ensure that everything is on track for your departure.

3. Remain Professional Through Your Last Day

If you enjoy your job but you're moving across the country, or if there's no animosity between you and your coworkers but you're starting a business of your own, you will likely have no problem remaining gracious throughout your last days and weeks at your current company.

If you absolutely hate your job, it's important to act with professionalism anyway. It'll help you maintain your connections in the industry without burning bridges in the leaving process, and you'll be able to keep the benefits of your networking at the company when you leave on a positive note.

When You're Leaving To Start Your Own Business

Resigning from your position to start a business that's similar to the one you're leaving can be awkward — but there's a lot you can do to get off to a great start. Begin by creating a business plan that describes your products or services, your marketing plan, and your need for investment.

Tools you may need to start your business are a website with a creative banner at the top. Use a free tool so you can easily design banners online. Choose between several fonts, colors, and animations to suit your brand. The process is quick and simple; you’ll have a downloadable banner ready to go in no time.

Take time to let your employer know, say your goodbyes, and maintain professionalism throughout this time. It may take longer and be more frustrating to do things this way, but when you look back and realize you protected important relationships and maintained connections you worked hard for over the years, you'll be glad you did.

Now it's your turn!

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