Garanntor Web Host Review 2022

Garanntor Web Host Review 2022

Garanntor is a web host with a quest to serve Africa with their data centers. After trying out their service, I decided to write up this honest review. I will cover their customer service, ease of use, uptime, speed and pricing.
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1. Customer service

I'd rate their customer service as a 1 out of 5. When I first purchased the hosting package, I was unable to use it for over 24 hours. It had an activation in progress. I contacted them and they replied after some hours.
When the hosting became available, I installed WordPress but the speed was terribly slow, it took minutes to load, a fresh installation. I then proceeded to contact the support team multiple times and as at the date of writing this article, I am yet to get a response. Yes they ignored my messages as you can see in the screenshot. 

Garanntor web host customer service

2. Ease of use

The user interface of their platform is beautiful and intuitive. No clutters and it is really easy to understand the platform.

I am rating the ease of use a 4 out of 5

3. Uptime

I tracked the uptime of this website using a tool called uptimebot. It alerts you when your website is down and when it's back online. The hosting went down multiple times every single day during the tracking period. Attached below is a screenshot of the results

Garanntor web host uptime

Uptime:2 out of 5

4. Speed

The website loading was very slow especially when you consider it is a fresh WordPress install. I tried using speed test tools like Pagespeed Insights but it always returned an error code.

Speed:1 out of 5

5. Pricing

One good thing about this host is they have flexible plans and it was one of the things that motivated me to try out their service. They allow you to pay for even just a month. I purchased one month's hosting and connected one of my existing my domain names.
However, my website was practically inaccessible and when i was able to gain access, the website's speed was terribly slow. So, it's reasonable to say, despite their flexible plans I didn't get value for the amount I paid.

Pricing:3 out of 5

Overall rating= 2.2/5

In conclusion, I did not have a good experience with this hosting company. Even some free hosts I used in the past performed way better than this. However, it is important to note I purchased their nano plan which goes for ₦200 per month. Maybe I would have gotten a better service if I bought an expensive plan but this is a honest review based on my experience.

Do you have any comments? I would love to read them.

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