10 Signs Someone Is Lying To You.

10 Signs Someone Is Lying To You.

Humans are deceitful in nature and lie every now and then. Here are some signs to help you spot a liar.

A liar

1. It may become difficult for them to speak

A guilty person is under stress when questioned. They then find it difficult to speak because the autonomic nervous system decreases the flow of saliva when the body is under stress, which dries out the membrane of the mouth.

2. They may stare at you without blinking much

People commonly avoid eye contact or blink rapidly when lying, however, a good liar could go an extra mile to maintain eye contact in an attempt to manipulate or intimidate you. When someone stares at you without blinking much, you should grow suspicious of them.

3. Inconsistency

When someone is inconsistent with the stories they tell, this might be an indication of a lie. But this alone is not reliable as many truthful people remember additional details when asked to retell a story- which means the stories will change.

4. Repeating the question

They could be trying to confirm if they heard you right or trying to cook up a story. Note this and weigh it with other signs of a lie.

5. Unnecessary superlatives

When someone uses words like 'tremendous', 'actually', 'literally', 'absolutely' at inappropriate times or when they use 'big grammar' unnecessarily, they could be distracting you from the truth or trying to enforce the lie they've told you.

6. They repeat words or phrases

Liars repeat words or phrases because they're

  • trying to convince you
  • re-validating the lie in their minds.
  • buying themselves time to gather their thoughts.

An instance is when he or she repeats I didn't... I didn't... I didn't over and over again.

7. They provide too much information

"When someone goes on and on and gives you too much information — information that is not requested and especially an excess of details — there is a very high probability that he or she is not telling you the truth," wrote Glass. They do this in belief that you might believe they're telling you the truth because of their openness.

8. A change in their voice

According to Gregg McCray; A telltale sign is that there's a sudden change in the pitch and tone of the voice of the individual

9. Bodily expressions do not match the words spoken

Yes! This is a big sign you should watch out for. A person who is telling a lie is probably unorganized and this results to non-coherence between bodily expressions and spoken words. An example is someone saying yes and yet, shaking their head 'no'!

10. Pausing frequently while speaking

Ever spoke to someone who paused frequently while speaking? This is a big indicator that he or she was likely constructing a lie.


Keep it in mind that even though these are potential signs of a lie, they are not fool-proof.

Combine all the signs, and you'll have a good idea whether you're being told the truth.
Finally and most important, trust your instincts!

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