How To Sustain Your Motivation Level For High Productivity

How To Sustain Your Motivation Level For High Productivity

Everybody has had those moments when you could literally feel your motivation pumping and you feel like conquering the whole world. And we all still get them occasionally. However, the problem you and I face often is sustaining and keeping that motivation at its initial level.

It is totally normal for your motivation levels to drop slightly once in a while and trust me, it happens to every person but how do you keep your motivation level high enough for productivity? Here are 5 ways to remain motivated.

How to remain motivated

1. Determination


Determination is to be decided, focused and resolute. It matters in everything we do. Positively rewarding tasks are difficult to do consistently over time when there is a lack of determination or tenacity. Determination makes it ‘easier’ to achieve your goals.

To sustain your motivation level at that high level you want, you need to be determined. Your determination would then help you work hard to achieve your desire of sustaining a high level of motivation.


2. Set your goals


Goal setting remains critical to achieving success in whatever we do. Our goals differ from person to person. For instance, a student’s goal may be to pass his exams while student B goal may be to pass his exams and to start a small business. So, there’s really no limit to the goals you may set, just make sure they are realistic.

When you’ve got your goals set on paper or in your head (on paper preferably), it becomes easier to keep your motivation high enough. You wake up in the morning and you can’t wait to get started on working on them. That’s how goal setting helps you to sustain your motivation.


3. Surround yourself with the right people


"Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are" is a proverb that has remained true until this day.

Surround yourself with ambitious and motivated people, in no time their habits will begin to rub on you. Of course, you cannot be asking every single person around you for their motivation level.

Once you identify those who are unmotivated, then you need to take a conscious effort not to be influenced about them.

4. Slow and steady wins


One of the reasons why people lack motivation is because they burn out. When your motivation level is at its peak, it is easy to you to take on too many tasks or projects at once.

Slow and steady wins the race


When motivation is high, it must be coupled with consistency. Consistency is that thin line that shows the difference between a mediocre and champions. It is what keeps you working to achieve your goals passionately. The journey to success is usually a marathon not a sprint!


And how do you win a marathon? By being consistent, focused and ensuring you do not burn out.


5. Remember why you started


On some days, you may suddenly lose motivation and become fatigued. At this point, remind yourself of the reasons why you started.

Look back to the very day you embarked on that project and the reasons why you started in the very first place. Are they still relevant? Yes! So why should you stop. This what you need to do to keep your motivation levels pumping hard again. Never back down!

6. Track your progress


Seeing how far you have progressed is a good way to remain motivated. Remind yourself of your past successes to encourage yourself to keep pushing forward. You could do this on a piece of paper. Make a list of your successes and things that you could do better.

Tracking your progress while focusing on your progress is a good way to boost your motivation level.


7. Take a short break


Are you feeling so fatigued or worn out? Sometimes, it is best to take a short break. Feel free to take refreshing break as a reward. Find something else that you love and enjoy to distract yourself.


All work and no play make you dull.


When you finally return to your project, you will be surrounded by a breath of fresh air and your motivation level will be high enough.


Remember, motivation must be matched with consistency and determination. Thank you for reading. Please share this post if you found it useful.

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