Love During COVID: Why Is Sadness The Worst Enemy Of Love?

The future may seem bleak with all that's going on, and couples are finding it hard to thrive in the midst of COVID-19.

The rate at which people are sad, anxious, and depressed has increased significantly.

In this article, we'll look at why sadness is an enemy of love during COVID and maintain a positive mood even during these trying times.

Let's get things underway.


Sadness And Love

When you're sad, your relationship and everything else looks bleak. Without you realizing, you can make your significant other stays away from you or be less than enthusiastic whenever you're together.

When you're unhappy, you tend to struggle with a lot of areas in your life. You fail to see the good in your relationship and even blame yourself for anything that's wrong.

And if you're not in a relationship, your negative mood can keep you from looking for love. Things might appear to be going downhill because of your bleak assessment of life.

Fortunately, sadness isn't a permanent state, and you can overcome it if you're sensitive to how your mood is affecting your partner or your chances of finding love. To overcome sadness, seeing the glass half full instead of half empty will need to apply here.

Have a radical change in your thought patterns; for instance, see the good in your relationship instead of focusing on small issues. If you've not found someone, and you're wondering how to find love during COVID, tell yourself that you're a loveable person.

Quarantine And A Positive Mood

The ongoing pandemic is putting a strain on the mental and emotional well-being of individuals. Such negative emotions take a toll on relationships and make those who have yet to find love question if that's even a possibility.

What matters is how everyone chooses to respond to the situation. Instead of convincing yourself "don't fall in love during COVID," join a dating site like Dating Mentor. You might just be a step away from finding your match.

When people decide to reorient their focus, they can see the good even in a seemingly hopeless situation. If you're looking for that special someone, you'll see opportunities right from where you are, and realize that finding love during the coronavirus outbreak is a real possibility.

On the other hand, couples questioning how to stay positive in their relationship can become more attuned to their partner's needs and, together, grow positively. Locks of love during COVID for couples isn't far-fetched idea if you do the following:

Man and Woman Kissing

Focus On The Positive

So, how to stay in love during COVID? Don't allow sadness to make you feel contempt towards your partner. Instead, find ways to control your sad emotions, listen to your significant other, and compromise.

By compromise, we mean you do not have to pinpoint every tiny detail you don't like about your partner. Instead, focus on the positive in every situation.

Check-in With Yourself, Then With Your Partner

Use this time for self-reflection and for checking in on yourself. Then find how your partner is doing, especially if you share a living space.

If you realize you have feelings of sadness at a particular time, find ways to make you feel better, for instance, writing in your journal what you're grateful for every time, you're tempted to think otherwise.

You can also communicate what you need and your feelings to your partner. That way, it's a win-win situation for both of you.

You both won't assume what the other is feeling, thinking, or needs—which can make everything go south when you are in quarantine.


Being in lockdown, whether alone or with a partner during this pandemic, has come with its fair share of challenges.

For many people, emotions have been amplified because of the intensity of it all. Before the pandemic, most people led busy lives. But being stuck at home alone or with a significant other has brought a lot of realities to light.

That said, the main focus should be on the positive in order to come out of this happier and stronger. Ultimately, it's important to acknowledge how you feel and then put effort into keeping the enemy of love, which is sadness, at bay.

Please let us know, has sadness in any way negatively impacted your relationship or stood in the way of you finding love? If yes, how?

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Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general.

She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

Why You Should Start the Keto Diet: 6 Main Reasons

A keto diet focuses on burning away bad fats by using it as a source of energy instead of carbs like it normally would do.

It has shown faster and healthier results than other diet plans that focus on reducing fat intake and calories.

The keto diet plans make people healthier overall in the long run.

Keto diet

A keto diet has been debated amongst nutritionists for a fairly good amount of time, enough for them to come to one singular conclusion that sugar and carbs are not all that good for your health.

That’s even more so for people with high sugar levels. Keto diet foods can also reduce cholesterol levels.

Keto diet for beginners can be tough to get into and figure out, but you can always get your Keto Supplement Reviewed by the almighty Internet to make your transition a bit easier.

So why is a ketogenic diet good for you, and why should you consider doing it?

1. A Keto Diet Has Been Seen to Help With Heart Conditions

A keto diet will promote you to have healthier foods and alternative supplements for your daily foods. But that means fats, healthy fats.

Yes, there are two types. An example of unhealthy fat would be from pork chops or ribs, we know just reading the names makes you wanna have some right away, but those fats result in cholesterol build-up.

An example of unhealthy fats would be nuts and seeds like Hazelnuts or walnuts or even hemp seeds.

A few recent studies done on animals and people show that keto-friendly foods have reduced overall cholesterol, meaning bad cholesterol, and promoted the population of good cholesterol.

2. A Keto Does Not Reduce Muscle or Muscle Growth

Keto friendly food

The whole point of a keto is to train the body to live off of its own pre-existing fat and the fat that is added through the diet itself.

So when losing weight, you’ll not be losing any muscle mass. The body prefers fat as a viable energy source than lean tissue that your muscle is made of.

As a bonus, the keto burns of stubborn fat.

Studies have shown the keto to be 10 times more effective in burning and getting just the right amount of body fat to get you to fit in your favorite shirt and look good in it.

3. Can Reduce Seizures and Epilepsy Attacks

Studies by epileptic researchers have pointed out that people undertaking the keto meal plan and diet have reduced seizures and epileptic attacks.

It is most noticed in young kids who suffer from it.

The keto diet can be considered as a treatment method when all others fail to show results in some cases.
Though more research is needed.

4. Helps with the PCOS and its Symptoms

PCOS has terrible effects on a woman’s body and mental health.

The symptoms range from weight gain to acne and can cause heavy menstruation or the complete opposite with no menstruation.

The ketogenic diet, however, has shown to calm or reduce hormone levels along with sugar levels in the blood, helps reduce weight or counteract weight gain.

A keto also reduces acne by cutting out the processed carb products in your usual diet. Processed carbs alter the number of bacteria in your gut, which promotes bad skin conditions.

5. Can Reduce Mood Swings, Anxiety, and Depression


This diet plan can also defog your mind.

Give you that extra bit of clarity you never knew you could have, but after doing the keto for a while and achieving it, you’ll feel in control and in clarity of mind.

You’ll be able to think more efficiently and work more effectively towards your problems because you won’t have bad foods clogging up your body or mind.

The ketogenic diet or a state of ketosis can also reduce inflammation, reduce sugar levels in the blood.

Ketones can also effectively influence the synapses in a good way and reduce neurological impulses.

6. Reduces Hunger and Fits of Cravings

A keto meal plan can help reduce the body fat content; in fact, keto weight loss is the main reason most people switch to keto foods.

But it can also reduce fits of hunger and craving cause it cuts away the trigger foods.

Trigger foods are high-calorie, high-carb foods that make you want to have some more after having the first bite.

Keto foods fill you up and keep your hunger at bay because of its high fat and protein content.

In Conclusion

The keto diet can do a lot more than just burn the body fat. It can help heart irregularities or conditions, epileptic seizures, and PCOS symptoms.

Don’t forget depression and anxiety have seen to be reduced, and mental clarity was found. Though keto isn’t for everyone or rather, no single keto can apply to everyone.

You can consult your physician or nutritionist to help you figure out your keto diet.

About the author

Catherine Wiley is a healthy food enthusiast and fitness instructor from Dorking, UK. She’s been a lifelong student of health and enjoys staying active with her husband, 2 young children, and dog ‘Bentley’ in the beautiful Surrey Hills countryside.