10 Important Functions Of Water

10 Important Functions Of Water

Water accounts for 60 percent of your body
while it accounts for more than 70 percent
of a cell.

Here are 10 important functions of water :

1. Water regulates the body’s temperature.

2. Water aids digestion: Water takes part in
the biochemical breaking down of the food
we eat.

3. Water is a major constituent of the blood.
The blood transports nutrients to all cells in the body.

4. Water helps in the removal of metabolic
waste from the body.

5. Water is a major part of cells and cells
cannot stay alive without water.

6. Organs which contain a large amount of
water like the kidney, heart, brain, liver,
skin also require water for proper

7. Water increases the efficiency of red blood
cells to capture oxygen in the lungs.

8. Water helps energize your muscles.

9. Water prevents constipation.

10. Water protects and moisturizes our
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