Baby Bath: How To Give A Caring Bath To Your Newborn

Baby Bath: How To Give A Caring Bath To Your Newborn

New mommas, first let us say congratulations on the arrival of new member(s). 

How will you prepare them for the first baby bath? Read our guide.

Baby bathes in mini bathe

Are you afraid of messes in the tub? Change your baby into baby swim diapers.

When Should You Give Your Little One Her First Baby Bath?

The first and most important question, bathing your baby for the first time in both of your lives can be a novel experience.

Knowing the right time will help you take the utmost care of her health. Did you give birth to your little one in the hospital?

Chances are that the nurses will have already bathed her to clean the blood and mucus. But it’s better if they don’t.

Why? The World Health Organisation has stressed on delaying the newborn’s first actual baby bath until the umbilical stump has fallen off.

Meanwhile, she will be protected from the germs and kept moistened by her vernix coat-the white powdery layer you see all over her body.

In fact, the optimal time is to wait up to 24 hours, that is, a whole day before you make your baby wet.

Even then, don't make her come in contact with the bathwater.

What should you do then? Give them sponge baths.

Why and How Should You Give Your Baby Sponge Baths?

We have already mentioned above that sponge bath is the only option for bathing your baby till the umbilical cord falls off.

How will you do that? Let’s see.

First, get the essential supplies ready. You will need baby wash clothes soaked in lukewarm water, dry baby bath towels, baby lotion and dry and clean diapers.

Considering that your baby is diapered before the bath, undress her completely except for the diapered region.

Wrap her in the towel. Lay her on baby bath supports such as an anti-slip bathtub, or baby bath seat.

With the washcloth, gently cleanse the head, mouth, chin, neck and creases of the body, while unwrapping one part at a time.

For circumcised children, keep the genitals untouched till healed. Now pat the child dry in gentle motions.

How Should You Set Up Baby Bath For The Newborn?

Newborn after bath

You can use baby bath supports for your little one until she learns to sit or walk.

These are designed in a foetal shape so that your child is cosily placed and you can sponge or wash the child easily.

Now you have to place the baby bath chair at a suitable height. Since these can be placed on the floor, tabletops as well as stools, you won't get lumber pain when bathing the baby.

Safe Baby Bath- Here’s How To Do It:

Is your baby a few weeks old? Has her umbilical stump fallen off?

So, now, it’s time for her to get her first tub bath. Use only the best baby products to bath your little one.

For example, you should get a no-slip bathtub or sink with a textured surface for her. If it's not textured, you have to line the surface with a towel.

Now, fill two-inches of the sink with lukewarm water. Test the water with a finger or elbow for the temperature. Gently undress the child and lower her feet into the water.

You should hold her head all the time so that she stays above water till neck.

Put a few drops of baby body wash, and if they like it, chemical-free, kid-friendly baby bubble bath into the water.

Want To See Your Baby Enjoying Her Bath? Try These Fun Ideas:

As a new momma, you would like to watch your baby giving you the most adorable toothless smile as she splashes in the baby bath.

That, you have to try out some novel entertainment. Here are some suggestions:

● Clap and sing baby bath songs, nursery rhymes and tickle gently to expand her sensory experiences.

● Give her baby bath toys made with non-toxic materials.

● Love bubbles? Blow and pop bubbles for your little one.

● Use a colourful baby flower bath to cradle the baby in her bathtub.

Should You Bath Your Baby Regularly?

Since babies rarely sweat, you can give the newborns baby bath twice or thrice a week.

In fact, bathing them more frequently might dry out the moisture in their skin.

However, every time you change the newborn's diaper, be sure to clean the covered parts thoroughly but gently to avoid skin infection.

Daytime is the best for a baby bath as the child will usually stay alert and engage with you.

Now that you know the basic steps of baby bath for newborns, we hope it will be a cakewalk for you.

Do you want more details about bathing the little ones? Leave a comment and we will reach out to you.

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