Top Classified Websites In Nigeria

Top Classified Websites In Nigeria

A free classified website is a website where you can post adverts of your business or goods you want to sell either it's new, used or even to swap

In Nigeria, there are numerous classifieds website with only a few standing out. These are the unique ones and that's where you want to post your adverts!


Why should you use classifieds website in Nigeria

1. It's free advertising. Advertising is a very crucial aspect of any business. You might have the best services to offer but that won't matter if no one knows about it. Classifieds website are a cheap or even free advertisement option.

2. Classified sites get a lot of traffic: Now it's getting all juicy, isn't it?

3. You can an online shop through classifieds website without paying. It's 2020, businesses are moving online. You don't want to get left out. Classifieds website are a free option of getting your online shop in Nigeria.

Now let's get to the point of this article!


There are several classifieds website in Nigeria but these are the best I'll recommend that you use.

The first website on my list is awamart. Awamart is one of the indigenous classifieds website gaining popularity in Nigeria for it's fast support, easy to use  interface, beautiful design plus ads are totally free.

You can post as many ads as you want for free and you can be sure your ads will attract attention.
Also, there are different transaction and listing types that will fit every business. You can meet buyers or sellers for free here!
I'll recommend you post your ads here


Jiji is a very common name in Nigeria. You probably heard the name before. It is the largest classified site and it's a good place for you to post your advert.
However, due to its large size, it's easy for your ad to get no attention unless you pay for their premium options.


Olist is a new classifieds website with a simple design and layout. It's owned and run by Opera. It's a platform to try out too.


Postwanga has a simple and beautiful design in addition to free ads. It's one of the many platforms to give a try

5. is a free classifieds website in Nigeria where you can meet with buyers and also with sellers. It has a simple look you might like. 


Jumia is an household name in Nigeria. is a classified platform run by the e-commerce giants, Jumia. You can post your ads there too. 


This site reminds of popular Nigerian senator and politician Dino Melaye. On a serious note, it's a growing site I'll recommend you try out.
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