12 Facts About Maeve Tomalty(Bianca in Henry Danger)

Maeve Jean Tomalty is an American-Canadian actress who is known for portraying the role of Bianca in the Nickelodeon TV series, Henry Danger and for her roles in A Christmas Carol, Gypsy and Cinderella.

Here are some facts you should know about Maeve Tomalty.

1. She was born on May 27, 2000 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

2. Maeve started acting at the age of seven.

3. She lived in Huntsville, Alabama before moving to the US.

4. Her parents moved her from Canada to California, US to help her pursue her acting career.

5. Prior to her TV debut, she was active in the community theater in Huntsville, Alabama.

6. She can speak Spanish, Italian, French and English.

7. LF Stores is one of her favorite stores.

8. Maeve Tomalty can play the guitar.

9. She is allergic to cats

10. She loves travelling to and exploring new places.

11. Her elder sister, Morgan Faye Tomalty who is also an actress. Morgan appeared along with Maeve in Secret Beef.

12. Maeve likes to be fit- She hits the gym regularly.

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