12 Reasons You Should Visit Nigeria

12 Reasons You Should Visit Nigeria

1. Music

Wizkid, top African artiste
Wizkid performing at a show in Nigeria

Nigeria is the undisputed music capital of Africa

2. Educated people

Nigerians cherish education. That's why we have so many people with masters and Ph.D

3. The Food Is Great

Oh! The delicious and mouth watering delicacies is something you'll never forget if you visit Nigeria

4. Hospitality

Nigerians are very hospitable and will go an extra mile to make foreigners/tourists comfortable.

5. Good Climate

Nigeria is a warm humid tropical country with no natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes e.t.c

6. Twins

Nigeria has the highest twinning rate in the world. This is most common among the Yoruba people, especially in Igbo Ora, Oyo State where there are about 158 twins in 1000 births. Amazing, isn't it?

7. Festivals and Carnivals

You love festivals and carnival? There are various across the country.

8. Third Most Multilingual Country in the World

Although English is the official and most spoken language in Nigeria, about 526 languages are spoken in Nigeria which makes Nigeria the third most multilingual country in the world after Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

9. The Nigerian Accent

According to CNN travel, the Nigerian accent is the sixth sexiest accent in the world.

10. Third Mainland Bridge

The third mainland bridge

The Third Mainland Bridge is located in Lagos, Nigeria. It is one of the world's longest bridge and the second longest in Africa.

11. Lagos

Lagos is a very unique city. Everything you love about Lagos is probably what you might hate about it- the traffic, culture, living costs and nightlife.
This city is so popular that everyone thinks it's Nigeria's capital. A visit to Lagos is totally unforgettable!

12. Great variety of butterflies

Nigeria is a habitat to about 1,828 varieties of forest butterflies identified especially around Calabar in Cross River State near the Cameroon border.

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