How To Save A Wet Phone

How To Save A Wet Phone

Have you ever dropped a phone in a bucket of water, pool or in the toilet? Maybe your phone became useless because of this. Never worry about water destroying your phone after you read this article, so let's ride on!

Save wet phone

1. Take your phone out of water quickly

If your phone falls accidently into water, get it out of it quickly and turn it off immediately to avoid a short circuit in the phone.

2. Do not plug in your phone

I've seen many people who plug in their phone to an electric outlet with the belief that it will dry up the moisture in it. Don't do this, it will only damage your phone further if doesn't electrocute you.

3. Dry your phone

Try swinging the affected phone to allow water come out of it. Remove the battery if that is possible and towel it with a soft cloth.

4. Use a vacuum cleaner

This is the quickest way to get your phone working. Hold the vacuum cleaner over the phone for about 30 minutes to get the moisture out. However, do not hold the vacuum cleaner too close to your phone as it can create static electricity that can damage your phone.

5. Put your phone in a bag of rice

Put the affected phone inside a bag or bowl of uncooked rice for a day to three days to draw out the moisture. Also, you could try adding a silica gel packet into the rice to improve the ability to draw out moisture. Silica gel is that whitish packet found in new shoes and bags.

6. Put your phone in a sunny spot

Put your phone in a sunny but secure spot for some hours to totally get rid of the moisture.

7. Test your phone

After following the above steps, assemble your phone and put it on. If it doesn't work, try charging it for a while. If doesn't still work, take it to reputable phone repairer to access the damage.

Do you know any other way to save a wet phone? Let me know in the comments.
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