Digital Education: The Factors Enabling Its Growth

Education is something which is very important to lead a successful life. As technology influenced education deeply the process of education changed. Now all the educational institutions and universities are digitalized which is deeply connected with the development of technology. At first, technology was not used in the educational field especially in the classrooms but the educationalist understood the positive effect of technology over students learning the process. No students obtain knowledge and learning aids through technological devices which are more attractive and impressive one. Now more than 85%of educational institutions use technological devices and classrooms have been digitalized and students get real-life experience through which they improvised the academicals performance and they know the importance of education and especially the importance of technological education in their professional life. Textbooks and study materials are replaced by smart devices and technological devices which are more eco-friendly and enhance the learning ability of the students. Now teachers include technological devices in their curriculum plan and try to produce a student-oriented teaching process. Digital education helps the teacher to involve students in the learning process and helps in their overall development.

Digital education

1. Individual learning

As digital education is taking place and students are more interested in individual learning. Students will get all the necessary information's and all the materials online. The teacher just acts as an instructor or guider so whenever they get any class activities assignments projects they will refer technological help. Because they know that everything is available in their single touch. As technology is used in tier primary level they will understand its techniques and skills. So it will not make them stressful and they will be more confident satisfied with the technological help. Now more than 75% of schools provide all kind of technological facilities to their students because they want to make them know the importance of technology and its basic use. So whenever the student is free they can go through it and learn more and more new things and they can individually go through the learning process without any kind of tension and hesitation. If they commit wrong they will correct it and it will not discourage them because through errors we all learn. So all time teachers' presence is not needed without teacher's presence they can go through the learning process.

2. Good rapport is established

In the traditional means of the learning process, there was no such healthy rapport was built between student and teachers. Teacher will follow class or subject centered learning process but now as the time changed and the thought process has changed according to that teaching process teaching curriculum has changed now I this modern era teachers and students have a good friendly relation and through the use of technological devices teachers are able to build a discursive mode of learning process. While a teacher can show certain videos which are related to the subject and present it to students and after the video they will have a discussion on it and they can be able to add their own thoughts on it and they will share their ideas on it. So such a discussion will help to establish a good pattern of learning. In such an environment, students will show their deep interest and they will feel ease in the learning process.

3. Online learning process

As digital learning is developed and more than 80%of people using technology in their learning process. Open course education is I demand now where people can learn and it will make them comfortable in the learning process. Education is not about sitting in a classroom and focusing on what teachers are saying but nowadays the thought and perception about education has changed completely. One can learn through the online course they don't need to go colleges and sit for hours and travel. The open course is so simple and more effective one. All the learning materials and the videos which are related to the subject are offered online and they just have to pay a small amount of money it is not at all expensive. One can learn while he is in a job and learn when he is free and wants to learn. Whether it is early morning or it is late at night open course materials ones should be download then they can make use of it anytime and anywhere. As at the beginning didn't do well but alter people understood the idea of it and now more than 75%of individuals seek admission in open course and they continue their learning process to get higher rank in their company. So as demand increased the different courses are developed and included in it. So we can say that digital educational giving a way to spread education all over the world without any kind barriers are limitations.

4. Expert in technological skills

Every individual must attain the basic knowledge related to technological skills. So in digital learning and digital education, every individual get the opportunity to deal with technological devices. As we are living in a technological era we must have the confidence to operate such devices. In future, the skills are given more importance and if you go any professional interview at first they will ask about your knowledge related to computers and technological devices so through digital education every student will attain the knowledge related to technology and they can be very confident about their skills. To lead a successful professional career one must be able to adopt all the developments taking place in the world. So digital education helps to prepare every individual to face the competitive world and help them to lead a successful professional life.
                         The demand for digital education is increasing day by day and it is no wonder that because we are living in a technological era where everything is dealt with new skills and new ideas. The idea of education is changed completely in the past it is just the process through which the educator impart knowledge to the students but now education is only learning process it also includes the overall development of one individual's personality and the way he behaves in the society. So digital education helps to give the student a new and interesting real-life experience which makes learning as well as teaching process interesting and enables them to find their creative talents and encourage them in that field. As the new developments are taking place we must accept it and use it in a positive way.


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