15 Things That Happen Only in Nigeria

15 Things That Happen Only in Nigeria

Nigeria is a beautiful, interesting, high populated, funny and culturally diverse country. As Nigeria is the giant of Africa with a population of over 180 million, it is definitely one of the most interesting countries in Africa and in the world.

Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos, Nigeria.

In this list, we present to you 15 unusual things that happens in Nigeria.
Let's go!

1. Nigerian time

Nigerian time

The average Nigerian does not keep to time. Our punctuality is something we really need to correct. Some event planners even deliberately make the time on adverts one or half an hour earlier.
This is the origin of 'Nigerian time'.

2. Sunday outfit 

If you do not know what day of the week it is, all you need to do is to step out and you'll be able to make a good guess if it's a Sunday or not.

Many Nigerians save their most special outfits for church services on Sunday.

3. Electricity palaver 

One of the responsibilities of the government is to provide adequate power supply to the citizens. Albeit, this is not so in Nigeria as the power supply is not constant.

Young Nigerian kids even shout 'up Nepa' when there's power supply to show their excitement. At times, adults are not left out.

4. Female drivers

Nigerian female driver
Nigerian men have the tendency to show supremacy in whatever they do, no matter how educated they are.

As a female driver in Nigeria, you'll get a little complain or remarks like 'oh, she's a lady' from male drivers if you're sluggish. Even female passengers complain!

5. Traffic

Lagos traffic
This is particularly true if you live in Lagos. In fact, Lagos has the most number of cars in the whole of Africa. Traffic jam in Nigeria is colloquially referred to as 'go slow'.

It is hilariously said that Lagosians have their breakfast and dinner in traffic. It might interest you to know that street hawkers sell virtually everything in traffic. Maybe that's the reason, the government has not gotten rid of them totally.

6. Food invitation

A typical Nigerian will invite people to join them while eating even though he knows they'll say no. You would be considered stingy to eat around people without asking them to join you.

This is a culture that has existed for long and will probably continue to exist.

7. ATM Queues

ATM queues in Nigeria are usually long. You probably have to queue for 5 minutes or more. Yet, everyone is complaining there's no money.

8. Work experience

Crying Nigerian

Fresh Nigerian graduates find it difficult to get jobs because of the work experience embargo. Many employers will ask for some years of experience before handing out jobs.

9. Social media

Social media in Nigeria

Social media has gone trendy in Nigeria now that almost every Nigerian has a smartphone. Social media actually unifies culturally diverse Nigerians.

If a Nigerian is trolled on the internet, other Nigerians are quick to come to his aid and blast the foreigner responsible.

10. Outrageous prices

Traders in Nigeria tend to make their initial prices high because they expect you to haggle or bargain. They believe the value of a commodity is only known by the person pays for it.Don't get carried away, make sure you haggle to cut down the price.

11. Parties are like carnivals

In Nigeria, all our parties are like carnivals. It is rare to see parties that are strictly by invitation. So if you don't care being an 'uninvited guest', you can attend any party going on along the street!

12. Greeting

In Africa generally, much more importance is placed on respect for elders. In Nigeria, those in the western part are even more particular about greeting.
They believe young people need to respect the elderly ones.

13. Visit to the dentist?

Majority of Nigerians will only go to a dentist when there's no other remedy. Some Nigerians will even tell you they've never visited a dentist in their life.

Visiting the dentist for a check-up is not a regular thing in Nigeria.

14. An unusual level of optimism

Nigerians believe a bright future awaits them even though things may be bad presently. The level of optimism in Nigeria is just too unusual.

In fact, Nigeria has been found to be the world's most optimistic nation.

15. The love for education

Nigerian school children

Most Nigerians believe getting a good education will help in getting a good job, government appointments, a high pay and a comfortable life. This is the reason why parents struggle hard to train their children in school no matter how poor they are.

In fact, Nigerians are the most educated group in the United States of America.

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