6 Parts Of Your Body You're Forgetting To Clean

6 Parts Of Your Body You're Forgetting To Clean

To prevent infections and body odour, we wash our bodies everyday but are there spots we are forgetting to clean?

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1. Belly button

This is a sensitive area that's often ignored. It is small but it inhabits a lot of bacteria. A study made by a research group called Belly Button Biodiversity Project swapped 60 different belly buttons and discovered 2,368 species of bacteria.
However, don't go scrubbing your belly button until it's red and sore.

2. Behind your ears

The back of the ear is kind of hidden so it's able to collect bacteria and dirt. Also, it is a moist area because of the presence of sebaceous glands. The moistness favour the growth of bacteria.


3. Your outer ear

Clean your pinna regularly to avoid build up of dirt.

4. Your tongue

You know the tongue comes in contact with the food or drink you take. Not dedicating time to clean your tongue will result in bad breath. Since the tongue is not smooth, bacteria will hide in its crevices unless it is removed. Next time, just spare time to clean your tongue.

5. Your back

That unnamed space between your shoulder blades is often ignored because it's difficult to reach. However, you still need to clean it to prevent skin diseases or breeding of germs.

6. Your feet

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