The Best Activities to Connect With Your Creative Side

The Best Activities to Connect With Your Creative Side

Staying in touch with your creative side is a great way to navigate through life. Creativity can help you to stay mentally and emotionally well. It can also keep your brain healthy. In some cases, it can earn you money. These are some of the best activities you can do if you want to connect with your creative side.

How to connect with your creative side

Write Poetry or Lyrics

Poetry writing and lyric writing are two of the best activities for connecting with your creative side. They both involve coming up with words that have meaning and perfect rhythm. It takes a truly creative soul to come up with such works of art.

You can start by finding a quiet spot in your room and thinking of a broad subject you'd like to write about. The subject might be love, for example. Next, write one line about how you feel about love. Make the next line rhyme with that line. You'll have a song or a poem by the end of your journey.

Make Videos

Video creation is not for the faint at heart. It’s for artists. You can use high-quality free video editing software to cut your videos and add special effects, and so forth. Video creation takes a lot of patience and time, however. You might find yourself spending hours on one video. You won't mind if you love the artistic aspect of it.

Try Your Hand at Papier-Mache

Papier-Mache is an art form that uses paper strips and glues to create various items. The Chinese originally used paper-mache shortly after they learned how to make paper.

Getting involved in this art form will allow you to create a wealth of interesting items. You can create masks and a host of other items you feel would be nice to create. You can let your imagination indeed run wild.

Learn to Play an Instrument

Maybe you'd like to get in touch with the creative musical artist you know you can be. You can take the time to learn an instrument you always wanted to learn. For example, perhaps you've always wanted to play the guitar. You can invest in a good guitar and take some lessons when you have the time. Once you learn how to play a few chords, you can toy around with those chords and create your songs.

You can learn to play drums if you want to try a more painless instrument. Maybe a piano is right for you. Alternatively, you could learn to play a keyboard. Keyboards aren't as expensive as full-blown pianos are, but they are as fun. You won't miss too much money if you invest in something more affordable like the keyboard.

Make Some Avatars

Avatar creation can be fun if you're a visual artist. You can grab an avatar creation app from the Google store and start creating a world of people right away. Something is exciting about making your people with their unique personalities. You might want to create avatars for other people, as well.

Some people aren't as tech-savvy as others, so they want others to create their avatars for them. You could take a situation like that to connect with and explore your creative side as an excellent opportunity. Avatar creation can be quite fun. You could get caught up in it for hours.

Draw Something

One inexpensive way to connect with your creative side is grab an old-fashioned pen and paper and draw something. It doesn't have to be a full-blown portrait or anything. You can draw anything in the world you want to draw. You could start with some three-dimensional shapes and then graduate to recreate something in the room.

Alternatively, you could buy a massive piece of poster board and use various paints or markers to create something abstract. You can find a poster board at the dollar store if you want to start such a project. Let your creativity soar. You never know what you'll come up with.

Start Living Like a Creator

Now you have a quick list you can go to if you want to connect to your creative side sometime soon. Start being the beautiful creator you are by indulging in some of these activities.

How do you connect with your creative side? What other activities do you suggest for a person looking to connect with their creative side?

About the Author: Stephanie Caroline Snyder graduated from The University of Florida in 2018; she majored in Communications with a minor in mass media. Currently, she is an Author, a Freelance Internet Writer, and a Blogger.  
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