How To Convert Your Multi Niche Blog To A Single Niche Blog

How To Convert Your Multi Niche Blog To A Single Niche Blog

A niche blog is a blog with its posts narrowed down a specific topic e.g poetry, make money online.

A multi niche blog (also referred to as a general blog) is a blog that focuses on more than two topics or a blog that publishes random posts.

Multi to single niche

It is better to run a niche blog.

  • You can easily become an authority/ an individual to reckon with in your niche. 
  • You get a dedicated following or audience
  • It's easier to monetize a single niche blog

So How Do You Convert Your Multi Niche Blog To A Niche Blog.

Method 1

1. Evaluate your blog posts

If you run a multi niche blog, you would at least have 3 blog posts on each niche you write on.

Evaluate your blog posts with Clicky or Google Analytics. Choose the most popular niche you are comfortable with.

2. Start writing

The next thing to do is to start writing about the niche alone.

Now you want to run a niche blog, so you have to stay focused.

When the temptation to write about something totally unrelated to your new niche, you need to resist.

3. Choose to leave or delete your old articles

Well, this really depends on you. If your new niche is banking, your cooking tips articles will never fit it.

To have a professional looking blog, I recommend that you delete such articles.

But you could still leave the totally unrelated articles on your blog if they drive in some traffic.

Either ways, it really depends on your personal choice.

4. Edit your blog's description to match your new niche

Your blog should look a little different when you convert it to a niche one.

Edit your blog's about, description, email templates, CTA's, tagline and title to match your new niche.

For example

Before: Welcome to the largest forum in the world

After: Welcome to the largest relationship forum in the world.

5. Opt for a redesign

Chances are that your theme probably look general. So for instance, if you are moving into the fashion niche, changing your theme to a theme for fashion will do two things

  •  Strike a connection with your audience
  •  Make your content look better.

However, this is optional.

Method 2

1. Choose the niche you want to write on

Make sure you will be able to write many insightful posts on this topic.

2. Start a new blog

The next thing is to register a domain name and start a new blog.

Having a domain name related to your site is really helpful as your visitors will remember it easily.

Content is king. You have to write about 10 articles first before taking the next step

3. Announce on your general blog that you are starting a new blog. 

Your readers interested in the niche would definitely visit and follow the blog.

4. Keep writing articles on your new niche. 

You also have to decide if you'll continue writing on your multi niche blog.

If you decide to stop, you can redirect your multi niche blog domain name to your new niche blog.

And that's it, you now have a single niche blog. 
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