Most Profitable Businesses In Nigeria For Small Entrepreneurs

Most Profitable Businesses In Nigeria For Small Entrepreneurs

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to make his or her impact in the Nigerian environment?

Here are the most profitable businesses you can start.

These businesses do not require a lot of capital and they have the potential to make you a lot of money.

Business ideas in Nigeria

1. Catering Services

If you walk down a busy street in Lagos on a weekend, you are bound to find people who are having some sort of party, maybe a birthday party, a get together, a funeral or a wedding.

What does this suggest? It's time for you to put your catering skills to use and make some money for yourself!

If you are good at baking, cooking or making snacks, then you should consider starting a catering service.

You should start with your neighbourhood and as time goes on, you expand your business to get better deals.

2. Website design/ Coding/ App Development

Nigerians are active users of the internet. Aspiring bloggers, NGOs, organisations, clubs and government agencies are in need of a website or application.

This is a business opportunity for you to take advantage of.
If you already have this skill;

  • Start advertising yourself
  • Do a very good job for your clients
  • Ask them to refer you to others

If you don't have this skill and you would love to do this as a business, it doesn't cost too much too learn.

Learn it and you'll be on your way to raking in thousands and perhaps millions.

But remember, satisfying your clients is a priority!

3. Social Media Manager

Many celebrities, brands, bloggers, businesses and entrepreneurs do not have time to manage their social media.

However, you don't just expect a big brand to hire and here is where starting small comes in.

Working with many small brands will go a long way in boosting your chances of being hired by a bigger brand.

4. Blogging/ Content Creation

Are you proficient in writing? Do you have something you're passionate about? If yes, starting a blog may be a good idea.

Monetizing your blog through Adsense, affiliate marketing are ways of making money from it. 

As an alternative, you can apply to already established blogs as a content creator or writer. 
You write articles for them and you get paid in return.

5. Graphic Design

This is a profitable business you can embark on after acquiring the necessary skill. People, even small bloggers need designs and you can make money doing it for them.

6. Event Planning

Planning events or parties is quite difficult and time consuming. This is the reason why many people opt for an event planner. If you have a flair for planning events, this could be your business.

What do you have do? 
  • Take some event planning courses
  • Advertise yourself
  • Start small. 

Seriously, this has so much potentials as Nigerians love parties.

7. Business Consulting

People who want to engage in a capital intensive business always go for consultations so they don't lose their money. This has created opportunities for those skilled in business consultancy.

However, I do not advice that you venture into this if you lack the required skills and expertise.

8. Fashion Tailor

Everyone who has been to Nigeria will agree with me that Nigerians love fashion. As an entrepreneur, what do you do? You take advantage of opportunities!
  • Enroll in a fashion school
  • Learn diligently, be creative and innovative
  • Learn to satisfy your customers and in no time, you make so much money!

I hope you enjoyed this list. If you do not have the skills yet, learn them if you're interested and put them to use. Stay diligent and always remember, Rome wasn't built in a day! 
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