How To Keep Your Clothes Wrinkle-free When There's No Iron

If you want your clothes to look good, you should  remove the wrinkles. A very popular way of doing this is by ironing. Although, ironing is super efficient, they are alternatives you can employ when there's no iron!

Wrinkle-free clothes

1. Folding

How do I remove wrinkles just by folding?
Here's how you do it. You fold your clothes neatly immediately you take them off the drying line, then put them in a basket, wardrobe or bag carefully.
This way you'll reduce the wrinkles drastically.

2. The Pillow Method

This method is an improved folding method. What you do is to follow the folding instructions above.
Then you put the carefully folded clothes under your pillow. Depending on the texture of the clothes, it should be wrinkle free overnight or after two nights.

Do I sleep on the pillow?


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