A plantain and a banana are quite similar but do not ripen exactly the same way.

Ripe plantains

When a plantain becomes ripe, it still has a high content of indigestible starches and should be cooked. However, as a banana ripens, its starches turn into sugars and can be eaten raw.

Usually, plantains are sold unripe. Unripe plantains are green in colour. So how do you know when a plantain is ripe? Read on!

1. The plantain skin turns deep or brownish yellow with traces of black.

Many black marks is a sign that the plantain is fully ripened.

2.The skin is easier to peel off

When a plantain becomes ripe, the skin is quite easy to remove. You may find a bit of the fruit stuck on the skin

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How Do You Know If They Are Overripe

Plantains are overripe when their skin becomes black and wrinkled or when the whole fruit becomes too soft.