Nigeria had a lot of airlines operating in the 1900s but today most of them are defunct. Here is a list of defunct Nigeria airlines.

Nigeria's defunct airlines

ADC Airlines

Afrijet Airlines

Air Atlantic Cargo

Air Nigeria

Albarka Air

AL-AIR Al-Dawood Air

Amako Air

Amed Air

Arax Airlines

Axiom Air

Barnax Air

Bellview Airlines

Capital Airlines

Chrome Air Service

Dasab Airlines

Earth Airlines

EAS Airlines

Easy Link Aviation

Freedom Air Services

Fresh Air

GAS Air Nigeria

Hamsal Air

Harco Air Services

Hold-Trade Air

British Aircraft Corporation

IAT Cargo Airlines

Intercontinental Airlines (Nigeria)

Mangal Airlines

Meridian Airlines 

Nicon Airways

Nigeria Airways

Nigeria One

Nigerian Global Aviation

Okada Air

Overnight Cargo Nigeria

Pan African Airlines

Premium Air Shuttle

Sosoliso Airlines

Space World International Airlines

Trans Sahara Air

Triax Airlines

Virgin Nigeria 

Wings Aviation