6 Times You Should Change Your Toothbrush

6 Times You Should Change Your Toothbrush

Your toothbrush can be become a breeding ground for germs if you don't change it when you're supposed to. Here are hints to when you should change your toothbrush!

Changing your toothbrush

You should change your toothbrush:

1. Every three months

2. After an illness like flu, cold or sore throat.

This is to prevent reinfection since the germs that caused the illness can hide in your toothbrush

3. When the bristles fray

4. When the bristles become sharp and cause your gums to bleed

5. When the bristles change colour

Some toothbrushes have bristles that change colours when they are worn out.

6. When you've lost that clean slippery feeling you get when you run your tongue across your teeth after brushing.

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