Rainy Season Essentials: What You Need In Lagos, Nigeria

Rainy Season Essentials: What You Need In Lagos, Nigeria

It is the rainy season and the rains are here to dominate our days. The rain in Lagos is usually the most torrential in Nigeria.

Since we cannot change the weather, it is best we prepare for it.

Rainy season

With these rainy season essentials, you can be sure you are well prepared for the rainy season in Lagos, Nigeria.

1. Umbrella

You need a umbrella unless you love the rain showering on you. A umbrella will protect you, your hair and clothes from becoming drenched by the rain.

Umbrella in the rain

Get a large umbrella to protect the whole family and a small or folding umbrella for yourself.

2. Raincoat


Many people think raincoats are for school children. Despite the fact that raincoats are less fashionable, they'll are easier to carry around than a 3 feet long umbrella.

3. Backpack cover

Some backpacks have this feature inbuilt while some do not. Getting a backpack cover will keep your items from being ruined by the rain.

4. Water resistant footwears

Water resistant footwears are a rainy season must-have as you don't want your expensive shoes ruined by the rain. A footwear made of rubber or some other water tolerant material is cheap and will also save your leather shoes.

Quick tip: You can carry your shoes in a bag and do the change when you get to your destination.

5. Sweaters

Sweaters are essential during the rainy season. The environment becomes colder when it rains. You will need a sweater if you don't want to catch a cold.


Also, a sweater helps to add a layer to your outfit which will improve your appearance.

6. Dark jeans

During rainy season, it's advisable that you wear darker shades of jean especially your trousers. This is because the mud and stains  can be easily washed off.

Dark jeans

We do think you should give your white or light-coloured clothes a break during this season.

7. Waterproof makeup

Waterproof makeup
Source: www.mediashelf.us

A waterproof makeup will remain intact even when you get in the rain. So ladies, if you don't want to be a victim of teary eyes ,you better get some waterproof makeup.
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