How To Fix Freezing And Crashing Apps On Android

One of the reasons we love the Android OS is because of the variety of apps we can install on our phone. With Google Play, the number of applications we can download is almost endless. But how do you feel when you download an app, and it's freezing or crashing frequently? Bad, right?

Unfortunately, apps stopped working

So how do you fix it? Keep on reading to find out!

1. Restart your android device

This should be the fix method you should try. When you restart your device, the app processes running in the background will close. That way, you get to free up clogged memory. After restarting, if the app keeps crashing or freezing, move to other methods.

2. Update your apps

It is possible that your apps are crashing because of a software glitch. Developers always try to remove the software glitches their users complain of from subsequent updates. You see why it's essential to update your apps? Now open Play store and update that app.

3. Clear data and cache

Cache piles up for the apps we use most frequently. Due to this, such app may run slowly or crash often. This is common with popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram ,Viber etc.

Here is how to clear your cache
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Apps (App Manager, Manage apps, depending on the Android device)
  • Find the app that keeps crashing or freezing and tap on it
  • Next, tap Clear cache
  • Tap Force stop
  • Go back to the Home screen and relaunch the app.
If this doesn't work, clear the data instead of the cache. If you clear your data, all your preferences, settings will be lost.

4. Free up space

If apps do not work properly, it could be as a result of inadequate space on the device. Try freeing up some space to let the apps run properly. Delete files that are no longer useful and uninstall apps that you no longer use. Another simple way to free space is to use CCleaner app. It's available on Play store for download.

5. Reinstall the app

Sometimes uninstalling an app then installing it again is all you need to fix freezing and crashing issues.

Which of these methods worked for you? Let us know in the comments box.

Top Most Popular Texting Abbreviations In The World

Human species have evolved and are now avid texters. With the price of smartphones crashing down everyday, almost everyone owns one today. We use our smartphones to entertain ourselves or connect with friends, co-workers and family. And one of the most common medium is through texting.

Young people texting

Here in this post, I have compiled the most popular texting abbreviations in the world of texting used by both teens and adults. Read on to find out what people mean with the abbreviations in their messages.






Be Right Back/Be back later


By The Way


Bye For Now


Best Friends Forever


For What It’s Worth




In My Humble Opinion




Laughing My Ass Off


Oh My God


Off Topic


Point Of View




Sent With A Kiss


Tender Loving Care


Talk To You Later


What The F***


Let me know


Just kidding


Oh my God


Pissing myself laughing


What’s up?


Thanks in advance




Why should I care




Where are you?


Work of Art


Trust me


Rolling on Floor laughing


Thank god it’s Friday.


Business As usual.



Lol is the most common texting abbreviation today, you go on social media right now... You'll definitely see some 'lol'. In fact, I've spoken to some people who say lol in verbal conversation and I mean it literally.
Lol stands for 'Laughing Out Loud' and it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2011 due to its popularity.


You don't actually need to use all these abbreviations in your texts. It might make you look dumb, lazy and unintelligible. But it's totally cool to use some!

What's your favorite text abbreviation, lemme know via comments.

How To Take Good Care Of Your Phone

Are you thinking of getting a new phone or you just got one recently? A quality phone is quite expensive and you definitely want it to last long.

Caring for your smartphone

There are some things you should do to make your phone last longer and to look good at the same time. Read on to learn how to care for your phone.

1. Keep it dry

A very quick way to ruin your phone is to allow liquids pour on it. Water is the major culprit here. Keep your phone away from the rain and be extremely careful when using it near open water like pools, ponds, streams or toilets.

2. Don't drop your phone

Another common cause of phone damage is dropping it. Hold your phone firmly to prevent it from dropping.
Also, put your phone securely in your pocket while not using it and avoid leaving your phone on table edges or where it can easily drop to the floor.

3. Keep your phone away from children

Children can be so careless in handling your phone so you should keep it away from them. They may end up breaking it, dropping it in water or even misplacing it.

4. Avoid extremes

Your phone will malfunction or get damaged if you use it in extreme temperatures. Don't leave your phone sitting in the car on a hot sunny day or leave it in a cold place like a refrigerator.

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5. Protect the screen

One of the most annoying and disappointing things is to get a scratch on the screen of a new phone. Well, you can protect it from a scratch or crack by investing in a good screen protector.

6. Invest in a case

A case will protect your phones from falls and scratches. It will also help in making your phone look new and might protect it from internal damage that results from falls. Another added advantage is that a case can make your phone look beautiful and unique.

7. Take your phone with you always if possible

Never let your phone out of your sight. Avoid lending people unless it's really necessary as accidents can happen. And if you're giving to someone, make sure he's responsible.

8. Protect it from theft

A damage is not the only thing that can take away your phone from you. Phones are valuable so they can be stolen by thieves. Keep this in mind and protect it.


This is a sponsored post.

Make money with cash awoof

Is it possible to make ₦40,000 (40,000 naira) in a month without spending a dime?Are you curious to know how you can make money online in Nigeria without investment? Have you joined some programs that claimed you will make fortune, they take your money and till this moment you haven’t make anything from them? or you are just that person who just want to make some extra income spending some times online?
Good News, as you will learn how to make ₦40,000 (Naira) monthly without spending a dime in this article, and all that is required from you is your time and you will be smiling to the bank every month if you take this serious.
Cash Awoof is a pay to participate program where you get paid for registering as member, daily login to your account, reading news, making friends (just as you do on Facebook), watching videos (just as you do on Youtube), commenting on news, referring friends, participating in quiz and even more.
Unlike many other programs out there that promise to pay you for reading news then ask you to pay 1000 Naira or some money to join, Cash Awoof registration is totally free and you get FREE ₦1000 immediately you register an account.
Let’s Make a Quick Breakdown and Calculation of How Cash Awoof pays and How To Make ₦40,000 (Naira) Monthly Without Spending a Dime.
  1. You get ₦1000 immediately you create an account.
  2. Daily logging in to your account, you get ₦50 (₦50 x 30 days = ₦1500).
  3. For referring friends to join the site with your referral link, you get ₦100 per every referral. Let’s assume you invite 10 people daily. Remember it’s free to join so your friends will be willing to join since they won’t be spending any money to join and also start making money. 10 referral x ₦100 is ₦1000 (₦1000 x 30 days = ₦30,000)
  4. For reading news, you get ₦1 limited to 50 news daily (₦50 x 30 days = ₦1500).
  5. Commenting on news, you get ₦2 and you can comment on many news as you want. Let’s assume you comment on 50 news daily (₦100 x 30 days = ₦3000).
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  7. For watching videos, you get ₦2 to ₦10. Let’s assume you watch 20 videos at ₦3 daily (₦60 x 30 days = ₦1800).
Now let’s put all the numbers together (Bring out your calculator ):
₦1000 + ₦1500 + ₦30000 + ₦1500 + ₦3000 + ₦3000 + ₦1800 = ₦41800
That’s a whooping ₦41,800 for just doing exact same thing you do normally online and you won’t have to spend anything to achieve this.
Wait! Are you doubting or thinking how are they making the money they will be paying us if we won’t pay anything..
It’s simple.
Do you know the owner of Facebook “Mark Zuckerberg” worth roughly USD52.9 Billion and Jack Dorsey of Twitter worth USD5.2 Billion?
They made these huge amount of money from your presence on their platform, but what did you get in return? Nothing!
Cash Awoof turns the table around by appreciating you for using their platform and give back from whatever profit they make from sponsors and campaigns on their platform. No they don’t want to be stingy like other.
So now is the time to stop wasting data on unnecessary chat and start making money doing same thing you do on Facebook, Youtube, and every other social media accounts you have.

How Do You Get Paid?

Once you register your free account on Cash Awoof, go to your profile and add your bank account details. Participate and be active on the platform by reading news, making friends, commenting on news, referring friends, watch videos and make use of all the make money opportunities on the platform.
As long as you earn a minimum of ₦20,000 in a month, you will get paid the next month ending.

Is Cash Awoof Another Scam Just to Waste Your Time?

I guess the business model is clear enough to understand this is not a scam. As long as you have minimum threshold of ₦20,000 in your account, you will surely get paid at the end of the month. If you are having any doubt or questions, you can contact the admin on WhatsApp; +971521626170 or send an email to [email protected] Also the live chat is always available for members to contact the Cash Awoof team for more clearance.


No food for lazy minds, though Cash Awoof says “Awoof no dey purge belle” but you still have to work for it. Set a goal, have a target and meet up with it. That is how you make money but if you create an account and just sit for the money to grow then the program is not for you. Yeah that’s a blunt truth.
What are you waiting for? Go create an account or login to your account now to start making the best out of Cash Awoof.

20 Amazing Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola Besides Drinking It

If all you have been doing with Coca-Cola is just drinking it, you have been missing out.
Coke is actually a Jack of all trades as it is useful in cleaning, health and beauty, de-odorising, cooking etc.


This listicle looks at 20 things you can do with Coca-Cola; from loosening stiff bolts to getting gum out of your hair.
Let's go!

1. Loosen stiff bolts

Stiff bolt

It can so frustrating when you cannot loosen bolts you want to. All you need to do is to add a bit of coke. The phosphoric acid will react with the rust to set your bolts free.

2. Clean burnt pans and pots

Coca-Cola and a burnt pan

Pour the drink in the pan, simmer for a while. Rinse then wipe it off.

3. Soothe insect bites

Be sure to apply some Coca-Cola next time you get stung by a wasp to soothe the pain. The only problem is, a wasp’s venom is injected into the skin, so dumping Coke on it won’t really help, unless you act really fast. This also works well with jellyfish stings.

4. Remove blood stains

Is one of your clothes stained with blood? Mix the drink with your normal washing detergent and water. Soak the clothe in it and wait for the magic.

5. Remove grease

If your kitchen utensils are so covered with grease that hot soapy water does not work, soak them in some delicious coke and leave for about 30 minutes.

This is also applicable to removing oil and grease from your driveway. Spray coke on it, let it sit for a day, then hose away.

6. Get chewing gum out of your hair

Getting chewing gum out of your hair is very challenging but Coca-Cola can help here. Just sprinkle some of it on the affected spot and wait for some minutes for the coke to break down the gum. It also works perfectly if gum is stuck on your shoes.

7. Kickstart your compost


Add Coca-Cola to your compost to enhance it. The sugar in the drink attracts micro-organisms and the acids break down organic matter, effectively kickstarting your compost.

8. Polish your jewellery

Let your jewellery sit in Coca-Cola overnight then scrub it lightly with a piece of cloth to breathe new life into it.

9. Remove temporary hair dye

Do you want to remove temporary hair dye from your hair? Just soak it with Coca-Cola for some minutes then wash it off. This method will still help in fading permanent hair dye.

10. Give yourself a tan

To give yourself a tan, simply spray Coca-Cola on your skin before you sit in the sun.

11. Tenderise meat

If you want your meat softer and can't afford to wait for long, add some coke to your meat when cooking.

12. Defrost your windscreen

Is your windscreen covered with snow and you need it to defrost. Just pour Coca-Cola generously on it. Wait for a minute, then scrape off the ice.

13. Prevent slipping 

This is particularly helpful if you have little children around. Mop the floor with Coke and your floor will be slip free.

14. Create fake antiques

Do you need something to look older than it actually is. Simply soak letters or pictures  in the drink, then allow to dry for an aged look.

15. Caramelise onions

Just cook your sliced onions in Coca-Cola to get sliced caramelised onions.

16. Make a fountain

Stuff a pack of mints (preferably Mentos) into a bottle of low sugar Coke. Stand back and watch the fountain.

17. Remove rust

Do you have a rusted metal you want to clean? Have you tried using coke?
The trace amounts of phosphoric acid in coke are enough to corrode rust. Use tin foil to rub the Coke into the rust and watch it disappear. You can use a fabric if you don't have tin foil.

18. Fix your car battery

If you're not out of battery and your car won't start, it's could be that your battery's terminals are dirty. The acids in Coca-Cola is enough to clean the terminals.

19. Pesticide

Did you know that farmers in India use Coca-Cola and Pepsi as an inexpensive form of pesticide.
Fill a bowl with Coke and place it in your garden. It will attract insects and they'll eventually fall into it and drown.

20. Clean your toilet bowl

Coca-Cola in toilet bowl

Coke can actually remove hard-to-clean stains on the inside of the toilet bowl. Pour it directly on the stains and let it sit for hours (the longer the better) to loosen the stains then scrub it and flush.

Blogger Template: How To Easily Edit Your Template With Your Android Device

Your blog's template is its mitochondrion (powerhouse) as it contains codes and instructions upon which your blog runs.

A blogger

At times, you may need to add or remove some elements from your template for verification or design purposes.

Android devices especially those with low a  RAM cannot edit the template online with their browsers.

You no longer need to wait till you get your hands on a computer. You can actually do the editing offline and it's very easy. You will edit your blog's XML template offline and then upload it to your blog.
Easy, isn't it? Let's get started!

1. Go to play store or any other App Store you trust and download any of these apps.

  • 920 text editor
  • Droidedit free

Or just search for any XML editor on play store. But for this tutorial I'll be using 920 text editor.

You can download 920 test editor on Play store or Apkpure.

2. Log on to your blogger dashboard, select the site you want to edit it's template.

Click on theme after selecting your blog

On the left side, click on theme. Then click on 'Backup / restore' at the top right corner of the page. Wait till there's a pop up then click 'Download'. You've successfully downloaded your blog's template.


3. After you have have downloaded it, I recommend that you create a duplicate version just in case you mess up when editing the template.

4. Open 920 text editor and click on the folder 📁 icon at the top to choose the file you want to edit.

It should be in the download folder but that depends on your download settings.

5. After selecting the file you want to edit, you can now add or remove any code from the template by clicking on search icon to search for the line of codes you want to edit or by scrolling down to the position of the code.

You can make use of the 'Find and replace' function if you want to replace some codes with another.

6. When you're done with editing the template, click the options icon(it looks like 3 horizontal dots) at the top to save your work.

920 text editor

Then select 'save as' and then finally save your template.

920 text editor

You can rename at this point if you wish to.

You're done! The only thing left is to upload that edited template to your blog. 

7. Log on to your blogger dashboard, select the site you want to upload the edited template to.

Backup /restore

On the left side, click on 'Theme'. Then click on 'Backup / restore' at the top right corner of the page. Wait till there's a pop up then click on 'Choose file', then select the edited template. To complete the upload process, you have to click on 'Upload'.

Congratulations, you have successfully edited your blogger template with your mobile phone.
Visit your blog to see the changes you've made to your template.

If you found this article helpful, please share it to your friends.

Rainy Season Essentials: What You Need In Lagos, Nigeria

It is the rainy season and the rains are here to dominate our days. The rain in Lagos is usually the most torrential in Nigeria.

Since we cannot change the weather, it is best we prepare for it.

Rainy season

With these rainy season essentials, you can be sure you are well prepared for the rainy season in Lagos, Nigeria.

1. Umbrella

You need a umbrella unless you love the rain showering on you. A umbrella will protect you, your hair and clothes from becoming drenched by the rain.

Umbrella in the rain

Get a large umbrella to protect the whole family and a small or folding umbrella for yourself.

2. Raincoat


Many people think raincoats are for school children. Despite the fact that raincoats are less fashionable, they'll are easier to carry around than a 3 feet long umbrella.

3. Backpack cover

Some backpacks have this feature inbuilt while some do not. Getting a backpack cover will keep your items from being ruined by the rain.

4. Water resistant footwears

Water resistant footwears are a rainy season must-have as you don't want your expensive shoes ruined by the rain. A footwear made of rubber or some other water tolerant material is cheap and will also save your leather shoes.

Quick tip: You can carry your shoes in a bag and do the change when you get to your destination.

5. Sweaters

Sweaters are essential during the rainy season. The environment becomes colder when it rains. You will need a sweater if you don't want to catch a cold.


Also, a sweater helps to add a layer to your outfit which will improve your appearance.

6. Dark jeans

During rainy season, it's advisable that you wear darker shades of jean especially your trousers. This is because the mud and stains  can be easily washed off.

Dark jeans

We do think you should give your white or light-coloured clothes a break during this season.

7. Waterproof makeup

Waterproof makeup

A waterproof makeup will remain intact even when you get in the rain. So ladies, if you don't want to be a victim of teary eyes ,you better get some waterproof makeup.

Top 10 Online Advertising Platforms In Nigeria

Advertising is a form of communication whose purpose is to inform and influence potential customers about products and services.

Every day, millions of people spend money on advertising in Nigeria but a larger percentage of the money spent goes to waste. Why? It's because they advertise on the wrong platform or a platform that does not reach their target audience.


If you're seeking to advertise online in Nigeria, here are 10 platforms you can use. They'll give you the best results, I assure you.

1. Google Adwords

Google adwords is still the best place to advertise online universally. However, if your target audience are Nigerians or people based in Nigeria, you should consider Google Adwords. Google Ads are on almost every blog in Nigeria. Apart from this, with Google, your ads will be seen by millions.

2. Facebook

Facebook ads is another good platform. A lot of Nigerians actively use facebook. With  facebook ads, you can even target your adverts to display only to a certain age group, country.

3.  Awa Mart

AwaMart is one of the best free and promising classified ads website in Nigeria. You get to advertise your business and services all for free. It's a good platform for small business owners as it helps them advertise their services.

4. is a Nigerian targeted website with a variety of contents like latest Nigerian news, health articles and entertainment. Their traffic is high, so, try out if you're targeting the Nigerian audience.

5. Vanguard newspaper

Vanguard newspaper is one of the popular newspapers in Nigeria. They have a great traffic as they offer free news on their website. You can place your ads there to reach a lot of Nigerians.

6. Linda Ikeji's blog

Linda Ikeji is a Nigerian blogger who's known for her successful entertainment blog. Her blog gets massive traffic from Nigerians everyday. Placing your ads there is a good way to reach your targeted audience.

7. Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites. Many Nigerians especially the younger population use instagram actively.

The catch here is that Facebook owns  Instagram so you can run your ad on facebook and show it simultaneously on Instagram at no extra cost. Sounds nice, right?

8. Nairaland

Nairaland is the largest and most visited forum with over a million page views per day in Nigeria. With nairaland, you can be reach many Nigerians as over 75% of the visitors are Nigerians.


Pulse is another popular newspaper in Nigeria. With such affordable rates, I think you should give it a try.

10. The Sun newspaper

The Sun newspaper is among the most read newspapers in Nigeria. You get to target a lot of Nigerians if you advertise there.

14 Signs You're Smarter Than An Average Person

Are you a genius or are you smarter than an average person- You deserve to know!
If most of these scientifically-proven signs apply to you, you’re probably smarter than you think. Let's go 🕺

Smart people

1. You're not easily distracted

The ability to concentrate for a long period of time is often a sign of intelligence. Michael Melnick of the University of Rochester and other researchers discovered that intelligence is linked to the ability to ignore distractions.

2. You're a night owl

A night owl is a person who stays up late at night or goes to bed late. British reasearchers in a study, "Why Night Owls Are More Intelligent" proved night owls are likely to be smarter.

3. You are a curious person

Albert Einstein famously said: “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Curiousity promotes thinking and the search for knowledge which eventually results into intellectual development.

4. You're funny

The ability to make people laugh has a lot of correlation with intelligence.

5. You enjoy your own company

According to Dipankar Trehan, "highly intelligent people tend to be individualistic". An individualistic person is someone who Interested in himself/ herself rather than others and may be egocentric.

Moreover, a research from the British Journal of Psychology suggests that smarter people tend to derive less satisfaction than most people do from socializing with friends.

6. You understand how much you don't know

As Jim Winer writes ,
intelligent people "are not afraid to say: 'I don't know.' If
they don't know it, they can learn it."

The smartest folks are able to admit when they aren't
familiar with a particular concept.

7. You can predict what someone is going to say next in a conversation 

8. You're a lefty

According to researcher Alan Searleman of St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, “southpaws have higher IQs, solve problems better and enjoy more extensive vocabularies than righties". Searleman’s research found there were more left-handed people with IQs over 140 than right-handed people.

He also points out that some of the most brilliant people to ever live — like Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein were lefties.

9. You're good at using the internet

An internet savvy person is likely to have discovered tons of information on the web. Moreover, it takes some level of intelligence to be able to use the internet without being taught.

10. You were a teenage virgin

A study "Smart teens don't have sex (or kiss much either)" showed that a large proportion of higher intelligent people did not engage in early sexual activity as compared with average individuals.

11. You have smart parents

Research has shown that intelligence is heritable. So if your parents are smart, it's possible that you may have inherited your intelligence from them.

12. You adapt easily

Smart students still perform excellently even though they change school to another with a different curriculum or when one of their teachers are replaced with another whose teaching method is strange to them.

This is because intelligent people are able to adapt easily as Donna F. Hammett writes, intelligent people adapt by "showing what can be done regardless of the complications or restrictions placed upon them."

13. You learnt how to play a musical instrument

According to a new study from Boston Children’s Hospital, people who learnt how to play musical instruments especially before the age of seven had an improved cognitive function and academic performance.

14. You pass examinations easily

What point are you making when you claim to be smart, yet you fail most of your exams?😂
Intelligent people pass examinations with an effort that can be termed 'little' when compared to that of an average person.