15 Things That Happen Only in Nigeria

Nigeria is a beautiful, interesting, high populated, funny and culturally diverse country. As Nigeria is the giant of Africa with a population of over 180 million, it is definitely one of the most interesting countries in Africa and in the world.

Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos, Nigeria.

In this list, we present to you 15 unusual things that happens in Nigeria.
Let's go!

1. Nigerian time

Nigerian time

The average Nigerian does not keep to time. Our punctuality is something we really need to correct. Some event planners even deliberately make the time on adverts one or half an hour earlier.
This is the origin of 'Nigerian time'.

2. Sunday outfit 

If you do not know what day of the week it is, all you need to do is to step out and you'll be able to make a good guess if it's a Sunday or not.

Many Nigerians save their most special outfits for church services on Sunday.

3. Electricity palaver 

One of the responsibilities of the government is to provide adequate power supply to the citizens. Albeit, this is not so in Nigeria as the power supply is not constant.

Young Nigerian kids even shout 'up Nepa' when there's power supply to show their excitement. At times, adults are not left out.

4. Female drivers

Nigerian female driver
Nigerian men have the tendency to show supremacy in whatever they do, no matter how educated they are.

As a female driver in Nigeria, you'll get a little complain or remarks like 'oh, she's a lady' from male drivers if you're sluggish. Even female passengers complain!

5. Traffic

Lagos traffic
This is particularly true if you live in Lagos. In fact, Lagos has the most number of cars in the whole of Africa. Traffic jam in Nigeria is colloquially referred to as 'go slow'.

It is hilariously said that Lagosians have their breakfast and dinner in traffic. It might interest you to know that street hawkers sell virtually everything in traffic. Maybe that's the reason, the government has not gotten rid of them totally.

6. Food invitation

A typical Nigerian will invite people to join them while eating even though he knows they'll say no. You would be considered stingy to eat around people without asking them to join you.

This is a culture that has existed for long and will probably continue to exist.

7. ATM Queues

ATM queues in Nigeria are usually long. You probably have to queue for 5 minutes or more. Yet, everyone is complaining there's no money.

8. Work experience

Crying Nigerian

Fresh Nigerian graduates find it difficult to get jobs because of the work experience embargo. Many employers will ask for some years of experience before handing out jobs.

9. Social media

Social media in Nigeria

Social media has gone trendy in Nigeria now that almost every Nigerian has a smartphone. Social media actually unifies culturally diverse Nigerians.

If a Nigerian is trolled on the internet, other Nigerians are quick to come to his aid and blast the foreigner responsible.

10. Outrageous prices

Traders in Nigeria tend to make their initial prices high because they expect you to haggle or bargain. They believe the value of a commodity is only known by the person pays for it.Don't get carried away, make sure you haggle to cut down the price.

11. Parties are like carnivals

In Nigeria, all our parties are like carnivals. It is rare to see parties that are strictly by invitation. So if you don't care being an 'uninvited guest', you can attend any party going on along the street!

12. Greeting

In Africa generally, much more importance is placed on respect for elders. In Nigeria, those in the western part are even more particular about greeting.
They believe young people need to respect the elderly ones.

13. Visit to the dentist?

Majority of Nigerians will only go to a dentist when there's no other remedy. Some Nigerians will even tell you they've never visited a dentist in their life.

Visiting the dentist for a check-up is not a regular thing in Nigeria.

14. An unusual level of optimism

Nigerians believe a bright future awaits them even though things may be bad presently. The level of optimism in Nigeria is just too unusual.

In fact, Nigeria has been found to be the world's most optimistic nation.

15. The love for education

Nigerian school children

Most Nigerians believe getting a good education will help in getting a good job, government appointments, a high pay and a comfortable life. This is the reason why parents struggle hard to train their children in school no matter how poor they are.

In fact, Nigerians are the most educated group in the United States of America.

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22 Strange Things That Only Happen In India

As the second largest country in the world, with a population of 1.2 billion, India is arguably one of the most interesting countries in the world. Their culture and traditions intrigues us and we think that you should know about them.

Flag of India

List Dorm gathered 22 amazing facts about India just for you!

1. ‘The Musalman’: World’s Only Handwritten Newspaper

The Musalman is an Urdu newspaper published from a small press at 324, Triplicane, Chennai in India.

What’s so special about the Musalman? It’s the world’s last and only handwritten newspaper. It is made up of four hand crafted pages and distributes about 21,000 copies to its audience daily.
It is sold on news stands for less than a rupee.

Though it has been running low on profits, Syed Arifulla, the editor, says that it is his love for Urdu and the urge to continue the family business set up by his grand father in 1927 that keeps him going.

2. World's biggest family

World's largest family

The man with 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren has the world largest family. They all live together in a 100 room mansion in India.

3. KFC vegetarian menu


India has the largest population of vegetarians in the world and no doubt, KFC had to introduce a vegetarian menu because of this.

4. Dead bodies in the 'Tower of Silence'

The followers of Zoroastrianism in India don’t bury their dead but leave the bodies in buildings called “Towers of Silence” for
the vultures to eat their flesh. After this, the dead bodies are swept into a central well. They do this to avoid polluting the elements (fire,
earth, water and air).

5. Free vegetarian meal

The Golden Temple provides a free vegetarian meal to over hundred thousand people regardless of religion, race or class.

6. Coca-Cola pesticides

It's no news that farmers in India use Coca-Cola and Pepsi has an inexpensive form of pesticides

7. Children's Day

Children's Day is celebrated in India on November 14th, 9 months after Valentine's Day.
Hilarious right? Besides, there is a lot of truth in  it.

8. Ironic Gypsies

The gypsy tribe in India celebrates death as one of the happiest events in their lives, while treating births with great grief.

What an irony!

9. Divorce

India has one of the lowest divorce rate in the world.

10. Indians read a lot

An average Indian reads for more than 10 hours per week.

11. There are street paintings to curb public urination

About 50% of India's population is said not to have a toilet in their homes. This has made public urination to be rampant. Because of this many people have taken to painting or hanging  deities on their walls to prevent people from urinating on them.

12. World's hottest pepper is used as a weapon

The Indian military chose to weaponize "bhut jolokia" (ghost chili), the world's hottest chilli.
Funny, right? Yeah, but if you have ever tried a ghost pepper, or “bhut
jolokia,” you will understand why it could be
considered a dangerous weapon.

13. Money-eating termites

In 2012, termites ate through 10 million rupees at the
Fathepur branch of State Bank of India.

14. Power Outages

India frequently faces power outages, many of which are blamed on corruption. Millions of people are left without power when there's a power outage.

15. People are declared dead while they're actually alive

Why? Often times in India, criminals will obtain fake death certificates to steal others’ land.
Santosh Kumar Singh had to fight for nine years to prove that he was alive. His brothers declared him dead and stole his land after he married a woman of a lower caste.

16. Parents try to plan their child’s birth for'lucky' times

Certain dates and times are considered to be
indicators of a successful future in the traditional Hindu culture. Superstitious or religious parents in India are known to have c-sections, or to plan ahead and induce labor at times that are considered lucky.

17. Police officers are paid for their mustache

Indian police

Police officers in India get bonus payments if they grow a mustache. They believe it makes a man more manful and honourable.

18. There are 6 seasons in India

There are 6 seasons in India: summer, autumn, winter, spring, the monsoon season, and the winter’s eve season.

19. Air pollution

Big cities in India suffer from air pollution. The exhaust from cars and other vehicles cause breathing difficulties for the residents. According to Indiatimes, just a day in Delhi or Mumbai is equal to smoking 100 cigarettes.

20. Foreigners and the Indian currency

Foreigners are prohibited from taking rupees with them when leaving India.

21. Spices

Indian spices

India is the country of spices. In fact, about 70% of a spices provided to the world market are from India.

22. Bank with no locks

The famous temple town, Shani Shingnapur in Maharashtra, Indians do not have locks on their doors because they believe it is protected by Lord Shani. Even the town's bank has no lock on its front door.

11 Funny Things That Happen Only At Nigerian Weddings

In Nigeria, weddings are a big deal. That's why some couples even take loans just to have a glamorous ceremony(not advisable though).
Moreover, it's an avenue for us to showcase our afro music and renowned jollof rice.

Nigerian wedding

Nigerian weddings are usually colourful, entertaining and memorable. Here is a list of 11 funny things that happen in Nigerian weddings.

1. The bride arrives late

Nigerian brides in most cases are late to their weddings.

Nigerian bride
Photograph by naturalnigerian.com

At times the ceremony would have started before they arrive and when they do? They blame it on traffic or their make up artist.

2. The wedding cake never leaves its position

In Nigerian weddings, the wedding cake is always intact till the end of the ceremony.

Hey, the cake isn't rented😁, it's just reserved for the couple, their family and friends.
Small cakes are passed around during the reception.

3. There's a high table

If you have attended Nigerian weddings, you would have noticed there's always a 'high table'.

The high table is for very important personalities. The best food and drinks are served to them. But definitely, they have contributed something to the wedding.

4. There is always a chairman of the day

There is a chairman of the day in most Nigerian weddings.
Wait, but why?

We don't know, all we do know is that he's usually a rich and respected person. He's the one who gives the opening speech.

5. 'Aso ebi' validates your presence at the wedding

Aso ebi
Photograph: Tolu Oniru
'Aso ebi' literally means family clothes. It's a Nigerian dress made out of materials with similar designs and colour worn by a group of people to celebrate something.
Aso ebi men

If you attend a Nigerian wedding without wearing the 'Aso ebi', not only will you feel like an alien, you might not even get food or souvenirs.

Aso ebi

Hilarious, right?

6. Uninvited guests

These are people who will attend a wedding they are not invited to. They do not have any relationship with the couple and may not know a single person in the hall.

Their aim is to eat.

7. Excessive music

The music in Nigerian weddings can be so loud and overwhelming. But who cares?

Nigerian wedding

The couple are joyous and having fun, some singles are showing themselves off, the DJ and the live band seem to be having a battle of supremacy and then the scientists are busy observing on their seats😁.

8. Every Guest Claims To Be Related ToThe Bride, Groom or Both

It is kind of funny to attend a wedding without knowing the couple or a soul in the hall. In Nigerian weddings, unrelated guests start a spontaneous relationship so as to feel among.

9. Money spray

It's very rare to attend a Nigerian wedding and money is not sprayed. The best part is during the couple dance, almost everyone in the hall is unconsciously compelled to come and shower the couple with minty notes.

Nigerian wedding

What then happens to the money? Usually the couple employs people to help them gather it.

10. The food never goes round

No matter how planned the ceremony is, the food never goes round. One or two individuals would report they weren't served.
Even those who were caught eating on camera would still complain that they weren't served.

11. People take food home

A big indicator of a successful Nigerian wedding is having excess food to serve to the guest.

Nigerians like it when food in take away packs are handed to them.

How To Take Good Pictures With Your Phone

Before the advent of smartphones, taking pictures was laborious. You would either have to head for the photo studio or buy a camera and download some editing application on your computer.

Taking great pictures on your phone

But not anymore, we now have phones with which we can take nice pictures instantly and even edit them easily ourselves!

However, pointing your phone and clicking shoot is not the same as taking a great photo. Many bad photos we see out there are from phones not professional cameras!

You should know that there are secrets to taking a great photograph with your phone. Luckily for you, I know a bit and I'm going to be sharing them with you.
Check them out and practice them to level up your phone photography skills!

1. Keep the lens clean

This is a simple one.
Phones cameras have no protection against dust, lint and fingerprint smudges. When there is a build-up of these junk on your lens, your photos may look cloudy or hazy and mind you, no amount of editing can fix this.
Clean your lens with a soft lintless cloth and you're good to go!

2. Use gridlines

One of the best and easiest ways to take good pictures is to use gridlines. Gridlines divide your photo into 9 small squares and help you implement the "rule of thirds" -a photographic composition principle that
says an image should be broken down into thirds,
both horizontally and vertically, so you have nine
parts in total.

Grid lines

According to this rule, if you place points of interest
in these intersections or along the lines, your photo
will be more balanced, level, and allow viewers to
interact with it more naturally.

Rule of thirds

To turn on the grid

  • IPhone: Go to 'Settings', choose 'Photos & Cameras', and switch 'Grid' on
  • Samsung Galaxy: Launch 'Camera', go to 'Settings', scroll down and switch the 'Grid lines' option to 'On'
  • Other Android: Launch 'Camera', go to 'Settings', find 'Gridlines' or 'Guidelines' and switch it 'On'

There's something you should know. Even though the 'rule of thirds' is called a rule, it's more of a guideline and you don't actually have to follow it everytime. But if you're a rookie photographer, I recommend sticking to the rule if you really want to take great pictures.

3. Take your photos from different or weird angles

Taking pictures from different or weird angles makes them more memorable, unique and beautiful. You can come up with any angle you desire, all you have to do is to be creative. Consider taking your pictures from these angles.

  • The overhead view or bird's view- You need to position yourself above than the subject. Try taking pictures of the subject from rooftops, tables or even ladders(but be careful so you don't fall)
    Overhead view
  • The reverse bird view: To take this type of shot, you need to be below the subject. 
    Reverse bird view
  • What about the perspective of a child? - You'll need to crouch or lie on the ground to capture this shot.
    Crouching perspective of a photo

Try out as many angles as you can imagine, your creativity is your only limit. In fact, a journalist got popular because he gets behind someone giving a speech to capture
the faces of the audience.

What's your wierd angle for a shot? Let me know in the comments.

4. Include negative space

Negative space can take your pictures from good to great. Negative space refers to areas surrounding the subject of an image.

When you include a lot of negative space, it makes your subject stand out and evokes a strong reaction from whoever is looking at the picture.

What are examples of what a negative space looks like?
A large expanse of open water, sky, an empty field, a park, or a large wall.

Car in negative space

5. Employ reflections


Looking at the reflection of the sky in a pool of water is so picturesque. Why?
The reason is why we love mirrors, it is because the human eye is drawn to reflections. Reflections will make your pictures idyllic... Add them!


Sources of reflections include puddles, larger bodies of water, mirrors,
sunglasses, drinking glasses, and metallic surfaces just to mention a few.


6. Avoid zooming in

When you want to take a photo from a distance, it is tempting to zoom in on the specific detail you want to capture, right? Don't!
Once you do, the picture looks blurry, grainy, pixelated and coarse.

Instead just move a few steps closer to your subject (you should keep your distance if it's a wild animal) or take the photo from distance and crop it later on. This way, you'll retain quality.

7. Focus on one subject

Many great photos focus on just one subject. Some professional photographers even say that the subject should not fill up the entire frame and that two-thirds of the photo should be negative space. 

This will allow the subject to stand out the more and appeal interest from anyone looking at it.

Also, ensure that you that you tap the screen of your phone to focus the camera on your subject.

8. Use natural light

To be honest, it is difficult to find a great photo taken with a phone flash. The bulb sits too close to the lens and can cause an overwhelming glare. Furthermore, the flash can produce unwanted results like glowing eyes or overly-lit skin.

Of course, there are situations where the flash is needed, but for most part, phone photographers should take advantage of natural light they can find, even in the dark.

Natural light

That gives you a chance to play with shadows or to create a silhouette with ambient sources of light like street lights and surrounding buildings.

How To Quickly Ripen Plantains Or Bananas

Bananas and plantains take a while to ripen. They'll eventually ripen but we are often too impatient to wait that long. Here are 4 ways to speed up the process.

Bunch of banana

How To Tell If A Plantain Or Banana Is Ripe 

Before you start ripening your plantains or bananas, you need to be able to tell if they are ripe or unripe. 

A plantain and a banana are quite similar but do not ripen exactly the same way.

When a plantain becomes ripe, it still has a high content of indigestible starches and should be cooked.

However, as a banana ripens, its starches turn into sugars and can be eaten raw.

Usually, plantains are sold unripe. Unripe plantains are green in colour. So how do you know when a plantain is ripe?

1. The plantain skin turns deep or brownish yellow with traces of black.

Many black marks is a sign that the plantain is fully ripened.

Ripe plantains

2.The skin is easier to peel off

When a plantain becomes ripe, the skin is quite easy to remove. You may find a bit of the fruit stuck on the skin

How Do You Know If They Are Overripe

Plantains are overripe when their skin becomes black and wrinkled or when the whole fruit becomes too soft.

How To Quickly Ripen Plantains Or Bananas

Let's get back to the point of this article!

1. Ripening plantains or bananas in a paper bag

  • Place your plantains or bananas in a paper bag. The paper bag should be large enough to contain them easily. 
  • Add an apple into the paper bag. Apples will quicken the ripening process because they release a gas called ethylene. Ethylene is commercially used to ripen fruits. You do not need to close the bag all the way. In fact, it is best to only close the bag loosely.
  • Put the bag in a warm place like your kitchen cabinets or cupboards. Check on the plantains  and bananas daily. They are ripe when they turn deep yellow with a few brown spots and become somewhat soft. The plantains will ripen in about a week and some days while the bananas in several days. 

You can still use this method without an apple but it will take a longer time to ripen. Likewise, a sack can be used in place of a paper bag.

2. Ripening them in an oven

Just place your unpeeled plantains in the oven and let them bake
at 300 degrees fahrenheit or around 150°C for about 30 minutes to an hour.
They’ll turn shiny and black, and they’ll definitely be hot to touch. Put them in the refrigerator or wait till they cool and you'll have soft and sweet plantains and bananas.

Why did the oven ripen them?
This is because the heat actually stimulated the ripening process.

3. Using the microwave

Poke through the skin of the peel a couple of times on all sides with a fork or knife. Place the banana in the microwave for 30 seconds. Wait for it to cool and check if it soft enough. If it's not, microwave for another 30 minutes.

Continue doing this until the desired result is gotten.

Read also: How To Freeze Bananas 

4. In a bunch

This is a much more natural way of ripening plantains and bananas. Do not separate them from the bunch.
Give them time and they'll eventually ripen. The more consolidated they are, the more ripening gas- ethylene that's released.

Do you know any other way to ripen bananas? Let me know in the comments and please share this post to your friends and family. 

6 Parts Of Your Body You're Forgetting To Clean

To prevent infections and body odour, we wash our bodies everyday but are there spots we are forgetting to clean?

A woman taking her bath

1. Belly button

This is a sensitive area that's often ignored. It is small but it inhabits a lot of bacteria. A study made by a research group called Belly Button Biodiversity Project swapped 60 different belly buttons and discovered 2,368 species of bacteria.
However, don't go scrubbing your belly button until it's red and sore.

2. Behind your ears

The back of the ear is kind of hidden so it's able to collect bacteria and dirt. Also, it is a moist area because of the presence of sebaceous glands. The moistness favour the growth of bacteria.


3. Your outer ear

Clean your pinna regularly to avoid build up of dirt.

4. Your tongue

You know the tongue comes in contact with the food or drink you take. Not dedicating time to clean your tongue will result in bad breath. Since the tongue is not smooth, bacteria will hide in its crevices unless it is removed. Next time, just spare time to clean your tongue.

5. Your back

That unnamed space between your shoulder blades is often ignored because it's difficult to reach. However, you still need to clean it to prevent skin diseases or breeding of germs.

6. Your feet

12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Apples

The popular saying that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" is true to some extent. Not only are apples crunchy, juicy and tasty, they have a lot of health benefits!
A basket of apples
A basket of apples. 

1. Apples help you control your weight

A lot of people of people desire to control their weight. Do you know apples can do just that for you? Apples are super rich in fibres. Diet rich in fibres feel up your stomach fast without you consuming too many calories- resulting into weight control.

2. Apples boost your immune system

Studies have shown that quercetin, an antioxidant found in apples boosts and improves the immune system. Apples are also rich in vitamin C which contributes to an improved immune system.

3. Healthy mouth and teeth

Apples stimulate the secretion of saliva in the mouth. Since saliva is acidic, it drastically reduces the ability of bacteria to grow and multiply in the mouth. The antibacterial properties of apple also keep the mouth healthy.

4. Protects your heart

The antioxidants in apple reduces the oxidation of lipids and neutralizes fat in blood vessels. The soluble fibres in apple binds with fat and results into low cholesterol levels and a healthy heart. Also, quercetin in apple reduces inflammation of blood vessels.

5. Apples reduce the risk of diabetes

Blood sugar level control is important for people who suffer from diabetes and polyphenols in apples is quite able to do that. Polyphenols reduce the uptake of carbohydrate by the body. The polyphenols also lower glucose absorption
in our digestive tract and stimulate the release
of insulin from our pancreas, which is also
necessary to keep the blood sugar levels in

6. Helps in fighting cancer

Apples are a good source of antioxidants and in fact, they rank second only to blueberries. The outermost skin is most important for this benefit because that's where most cancer-fighting antioxidants are present. Some studies even proved that "an apple a day may hold colorectal cancer at bay".

7. Apples boost brain health

Apples increase the amount of acetylcholine in
the brain, which is linked to improving
concentration and memory.

8. Apples can treat asthma

Apples have been known to possess strong anti-inflammatory properties and are quite effective against asthma. Quercetin which is found in the outermost skin of apples strengthens the immune system and fights inflammation.

9. Apples prevent gallstones

Gallstones form when there’s too much
cholesterol in your bile for it to remain as a liquid, so
it solidifies. Since apples are fibre rich and prevent an accumulation of excess cholesterol, they prevent gallstones eventually.

10. They detoxify the liver

The liver is responsible for removing toxins from your body but a lot of toxins can get accumulated in it. Although, there are a lot of detoxification drugs, an easy way to detoxify your liver is to eat apples. So crunchy😋 and medicinal!

11. Skin care: Apples contain vitamin C which helps in collagen formation

Applying apple juice to scalp prevents
dandruff and gives it a shiny look.

12. Apples are a good source of vitamin C

One large apple contains about 12% of the daily recommended vitamin c intake. Vitamin C increases immunity against infections and diseases. It also helps in collagen formation.

10 Signs Someone Is Lying To You.

Humans are deceitful in nature and lie every now and then. Here are some signs to help you spot a liar.

A liar

1. It may become difficult for them to speak

A guilty person is under stress when questioned. They then find it difficult to speak because the autonomic nervous system decreases the flow of saliva when the body is under stress, which dries out the membrane of the mouth.

2. They may stare at you without blinking much

People commonly avoid eye contact or blink rapidly when lying, however, a good liar could go an extra mile to maintain eye contact in an attempt to manipulate or intimidate you. When someone stares at you without blinking much, you should grow suspicious of them.

3. Inconsistency

When someone is inconsistent with the stories they tell, this might be an indication of a lie. But this alone is not reliable as many truthful people remember additional details when asked to retell a story- which means the stories will change.

4. Repeating the question

They could be trying to confirm if they heard you right or trying to cook up a story. Note this and weigh it with other signs of a lie.

5. Unnecessary superlatives

When someone uses words like 'tremendous', 'actually', 'literally', 'absolutely' at inappropriate times or when they use 'big grammar' unnecessarily, they could be distracting you from the truth or trying to enforce the lie they've told you.

6. They repeat words or phrases

Liars repeat words or phrases because they're

  • trying to convince you
  • re-validating the lie in their minds.
  • buying themselves time to gather their thoughts.

An instance is when he or she repeats I didn't... I didn't... I didn't over and over again.

7. They provide too much information

"When someone goes on and on and gives you too much information — information that is not requested and especially an excess of details — there is a very high probability that he or she is not telling you the truth," wrote Glass. They do this in belief that you might believe they're telling you the truth because of their openness.

8. A change in their voice

According to Gregg McCray; A telltale sign is that there's a sudden change in the pitch and tone of the voice of the individual

9. Bodily expressions do not match the words spoken

Yes! This is a big sign you should watch out for. A person who is telling a lie is probably unorganized and this results to non-coherence between bodily expressions and spoken words. An example is someone saying yes and yet, shaking their head 'no'!

10. Pausing frequently while speaking

Ever spoke to someone who paused frequently while speaking? This is a big indicator that he or she was likely constructing a lie.


Keep it in mind that even though these are potential signs of a lie, they are not fool-proof.

Combine all the signs, and you'll have a good idea whether you're being told the truth.
Finally and most important, trust your instincts!